These are memory treasures for me which I am very proud of. This collection is similar to the scrap book which is in our waiting room. Patients have been kind enough to allow us to share this with you. -Dr.P.


June 25, 2013

This is to confirm that my surgery has been a resounding success!!.... I took an over the counter pain pill idea why really. Any discomfort I experienced subsided daily.....I took a DOT physical and the nurse practioner poked around and said it looked "dam pretty good". Tell that Surgeon of yours I will brag about him for quite a while. My thanks to all of you for your service and your support of him...ya`all put the cherry on the top of my trip and my life



May 13, 2013

Dr. Petersen, Kari, and the girl whose name I didn't find out when I was there,

Thank you's are coming in from all over, so I thought you'd like to know about them: 1.) from the Intestine brothers (Large and Small) for not being rerouted every time I stand, sit, or lie down. 2.) from my left testicle, for not having to share his studio apartment with the Intestine brothers. 3.) from my girlfriend, who says, "It looks just like it did before the hernia!" (you know how important looks are). and 4.) from me for re-instilling my trust in the medical profession and for trusting me to finish paying my bill when you didn't know me from Adam. All goes well here, I have some pain, but am monitoring it guardedly. I'm down to 1 percoset, and 1 aleve every 12 hrs. and all systems are go (if you know what I mean). So, again, from all of us, to all of you, a big THANK YOU!

-- Good times to come,



May 9th, 2013,
Hayden Lake, ID

I was diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases over the last 17 years after mesh was used in a surgical procedure to repair a hernia in 1996. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on doctors and naturopaths to alleviate these symptoms. I finally was diagnosed with paratonitis (sic) and looked to see who could remove the mesh that was in my body. After reading the testimonials from Dr. Petersen’s website, we decided to go ahead with the procedure. After two weeks from surgery my recovery is amazing. Energy levels are very good and I don’t have any discomfort or inflammation in my groin area. I would highly recommend Dr. Petersen if you are experiencing problems with mesh.


Doug Hunt





January 19, 2012

To: Kari

Subject: My own personal account of my experience with "No Insurance Surgery"

To whom it may concern,

I write this "Testimonial " if you will, as I am sure that you (like me) have a problem with a Hernia of some description and are looking for a Doctor that you can feel comfortable and safe with and to this end I have chosen to write the following.

My name is Donald, I am 51 and I reside in San Clemente, California. I have just completed my 4 week recovery time and feel that it is now right and fair that I can give my opinion regarding Dr Petersen and his company known as "No insurance Surgery". I had a lower inguinal hernia, a very common complaint I have come to learn, and this was operated upon on December 19th 2011 at their facility in West Las Vegas.

I am happy to tell you that I have no complaints what-so-ever regarding Dr Petersen, his staff and his method of correcting this kind of problem. The company carried out my case exactly as they said they would with no alterations or surprises at all. The fee they told me was exactly what I paid with no clever 'add on's' in any way. The procedure went as they said, and on time as I was told. The after effects of the operation were exactly as Dr. Petersen said they would be and my 4 week recovery time was also as predicted. I cannot tell you regarding the pain level you can expect to feel as we all feel pain in different ways and at different personal levels, all I can say is that for me it was negligible and the discomfort minimal.

If you are looking for someone to take care of this annoying problem I will certainly recommend this man and his team. He will listen to you, answer all of your questions and give you the time you need without pressure to accomplish all you feel you need to know. His staff will help you in anyway they can and are always there for you throughout both the procedure and recovery time to answer all your inquiries to make you feel quite assured.

Should you have to travel some distance it is quite worth it in many ways and as I said earlier, the quote he will give you for his fee's will be what you will pay, there will be no hidden "extra's".

I will personally recommend Dr. Petersen to you should you wish to contact me directly.


Donald S Day
San Clemente, CA


July 27, 2011

Dr. Petersen,

This is a copy of the note I submitted to Angie’s list regarding my excellent experience.

My concern upon discovering my obvious inguinal hernia was to find the best possible Dr. to fix it. I did not want future negative repercussions; I wanted it fixed right one time, enabling me to go on with my life. So the search was on, to find a Dr. who had done thousands consistently, minimizing the possibility of negative results.

In the process I found out that it is not uncommon for some doctors to use mesh, and experience a high degree of unpredictable horrible results. Further I learned that some of those who experienced these negative results were active in educating the public about the undisclosed dangers of mesh.

One of the Doctors speaking at such an Ethics conference dealing with this issue was Dr. Kevin Petersen, of Las Vegas, Nevada. It seemed he had done thousands, and was a rare Dr. actually willing and able to help people with previous surgeries that had gone wrong. That’s the kind of Dr. I was looking for, skilled, aware, cautious and effective.

It has now been a week since Dr. Petersen completed my surgery. Everything has gone better than expected. Everything you hear about the office professionalism and kind caring demeanor is absolutely true. The preceding personal conference call with Dr. Petersen and video explanations of procedures initiate a comfortable relationship. By the time you get to the office for the initial exam, you feel you know and trust them.

The professionalism continued through out including the Medical District Surgery Center where facilities and personnel were absolutely top notch, to the anesthesiologist who was as kind, caring, alert, and attentive as I have ever seen. Follow-up was timely the afternoon of the surgery and the morning after. My flight back home was uneventful, and my recovery as been smooth and steady. I was walking my dog virtually immediately, but cautiously, and have now removed the bandages and have experienced no bruising, excessive swelling, or pain.

Thank you Dr. Petersen, I am back to my old self already. (Please note his name is spelled with an sEn ending, not to be confused with others) I recommend him absolutely<./br>
I have yet to send you a decent picture of my Standard Poodle, Dante, but I will. He just turned one upon my return, and was happy to have me back fully repaired. Thanks again to all of you. It was an excellent experience, and that’s not easy when having surgery.

My best to all,

Portland, OR



December 21, 2007

Brandy is a 34 year old woman who was suffering with severe chronic abdominal pain as a result of twelve surgeries. Some of these procedures were to repair hernias in which mesh was used. Other surgeries were to attempts to remove the mesh and alleviate the severe pain. At the time she contacted Dr. Petersen, Brandy had not been able to find relief.

"Yes I had twelve surgeries, prior to finding Dr. Petersen, but no one would fix the problem". A surgeon would attempt to solve one problem and then tell me you’ll have to come back."

In one instance she had been seen by a surgeon who was unable to find the cause of the pain because the tests and her medical records, in his words, "showed nothing". According to Brandy, "He (the surgeon) told me if this were true about my intestines, I would probably wind up with a bag on my leg".

I was at my wits end. I could not eat, sleep, or function normally. I was not able to work because I was dizzy and sick all the time.

Then I found Dr. Petersen on his website. His staff set up a phone interview and I finally made contact with someone who would listen to me, and understand the condition and the pain I was experiencing. Dr. Petersen said, "He regularly heard patients who had had hernia repairs using mesh describe this kind of problem." I was so relieved. I felt I had finally found someone who could help me, I understood that I was not alone and I was not crazy.

The No Insurance Surgery staff was most professional. From the time of my first contact everyone was accommodating, considerate and made me feel comfortable.

Dr. Petersen is a friendly, kind person. I could tell at my first meeting that he knew what he was doing and cared about me. I have never had a doctor sit down and talk to me and listen. He made sure all my questions were answered. Dr. Petersen is a true life saver.

The surgical facilities were clean and the staff very friendly. It was obvious that they do these types of surgeries all the time. They made me comfortable and respected my concerns.

After the surgery to remove the mesh, I did experience some pain, but Dr. Petersen was very thorough. He gave me clear instructions, prescribed appropriate medication and told me to call him anytime.

I am healed, and I feel great. The pain is gone. I have my life back.

I would recommend Dr. Petersen to anyone who needs the services of a General Surgeon. I cannot say enough about how positive this experience has been. Thank you Dr. Petersen.

Brandy W.
Corpus Christi, TX

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