Post-Operative Instructions

  • Patients recovering from mesh removal should also see Mesh Pain Recovery.
  • Rest. See activity restrictions after hernia surgery.
  • Resume your regular medications and diet.
  • If you have been given a prescription for pain medicine, use it when you need it. There is little advantage to toughing out the pain.
  • Constipation is common after surgery. A mild laxative such as two tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia usually will correct the problem.
  • If you develop a rash all over, stop any new medications that you are taking and call your surgeon.
  • If your wound is covered with a waterproof dressing you may shower the day after surgery.
  • If you have had hernia or other major surgery do not drive until after your first post op visit with your surgeon. He will give you more instructions then.
  • If your dressing gets saturated with blood or fluid call your surgeon immediately.
  • If you have a fever as high as 101° call your surgeon.
  • If you are unable to keep down meals call your surgeon.
  • Hernia surgery may aggravate a pre-existing prostate condition in some patients. If you cannot pass your urine or have burning when you urinate call your surgeon.
  • Make a follow up visit appointment with your surgeon.

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