Our patients are our treasures and these testimonials prove it. They have been kind enough to allow us to share them with you. -Dr.P.


(The following is an excerpt from a 2,000 word testimonial, first and last paragraph. Thanks Thomas.)

Dr. Kevin Peterson executed surgery on my bi-lateral inguinal hernia condition about five months ago, on June 30, 2016, two days before my 57th birthday, marking a major positive turning point in my life.

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It’s very gratifying to understand how soundly I’ve been healed by this rare expert surgeon, using the “old fashioned” suture method, performed using contemporary equipment in an immaculate sterile non-hospital outpatient facility. The fascia tissue forming my abdominal wall, by nature unable to grow back together after the hernia breakdowns, has sealed naturally after being reconnected by the doctor’s sutures. My body produced the collagen, the organic agent, that bonded the three layers of sewn fascia tissue and top layer of skin together during the healing process, recreating the solid wall. The inner layer of fascia retains permanent sutures, while the next two layers and the skin of course were tied with dissolvable ones. While the wounds were ugly, swollen and sensitive for weeks after the operation, now they are virtually unnoticeable, visible only on close examination through the hair that has grown back. My tummy is now tight and strong. I’m active and alive with renewed zest for life. Further, I don’t have to be concerned about what some foreign artificial plastic screens are doing tucked behind the wall, in contact with my guts, nerves and spermatic tubes.


We are very happy about this patient's result.

Tyler is a straight A highschool student. After what was supposed to be routine hernia surgery, no big deal, he missed 40 days of school. And for one year since hernia surgery he was spending most of his time in bed because of excruciating daily pain.

After getting his mesh removed his pain resolved and he is back to having fun and horsing around.

Mom gave us permission to post these

July 14, 2016

Dr. Petersen ,

I want to commend you on your staff and how you manage your patients. As an endodontist, I am always acutely aware of “perception being reality” and anxiety surrounding a procedure that the patient is not wanting or has a high level of anxiety over. I experienced this myself with the unknown of what you had to do for me. You staff did a stellar job managing my unwarranted anxiety about having an umbilical hernia surgery. Hats off to you for finding such a great team. I am two weeks out, and cannot even tell I had surgery. The lack of pain pre and post op was actually shocking to me. I took a 600 mg Motrin 24 hours post-surgery, and once each night for the next two nights. The only sensation I had was that I felt like I did too many situps. Amazing that you can open up someone, fix them and have no post op pain. I appreciate your surgical skills and follow up the next day at my hotel. If you have a patient that has anxiety about this procedure, feel free to share my number and I will gladly talk them thru it.

Take care,

Kevin Mullin DDS.


November 6, 2015

Dear Dr. Petersen:

Thank you for all you did for me these last few weeks.

You took on a complicated case and did a masterful job. You had several difficult post-surgical challenges and every time made the right call. Your skill, depth of knowledge and experience is unparalleled. Your bedside manner was immensely comforting to me, especially as l was experiencing a level of stress that I have never before imagined.

I will always be grateful that you took my case and gave me my life back.

I hold you in the highest esteem. May God bless you and prosper you in all that you do.

Mike Patton

After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. To him be the dominion forever and ever. Amen.
1Peter 5:10-11


Kari, Dr Peterson and the rest of the staff,

Thank you for your follow up on my condition at the one year mark of my surgery. Actually I had the same surgery on the other side a few years back. Things went very well at that time and I was so impressed with the care and the results that I was comfortable to return when there was a need for another procedure on the other side. Your right about the follow up's and their importance as a key to providing and maintaining the highest possible standards, but it also makes patients like me feel like we are important as a person and that our care is very important to you. In other words we are not just a random number caught up in the machinery of the health care industry with a dollar figure attached to it, but a real person needing the best care we can get.

My phone number is the same as before and I am doing very well with no restrictions and no pain. Thank's to Dr. Peterson and the rest of you and thank's to the gentleman in your office that gave me a ride back to the hotel after my surgery. Little things like that and the follow up calls mean a lot. Good job.


Robert Connor


Dear Dr. Petersen,

I am sending you a post card from my trip to Poland. It has been almost 5 years after my mesh removal and to this day I am pain free. One day I had walked 30km (18.6 miles) and the next day I could not feel my feet but still pain free after your repair. I had met my cousin here and he has mesh problems now. He had a robotic hernia repair one year ago. He is a professional soccer player. - and I remember mentioning to you(sic) that atheletes feel more pain with the mesh repair. I had always worked out and I always had a problem. Dr. Petersen thank you very much for helping me.

Your patient

Lukasz Krzeminski

Lukasz, it is nice to hear from you. Dr.P.

Thank you Lee

Dr Petersen! I will take care of it! If you find any more websites for me to support please send them to me as well. I have a dual citizenship Polish-American and when my parents went to Poland my dad had umbilical hernia repaired without the mesh. The surgeon in Poland stated that they know about the complications of the mesh and non-mesh repair is the way to go. I know six people that had mesh repair and only one has no complications at all. The other five have all some kind of complications that are mild for four and severe for one. I have mentioned the non-mesh repair but they are afraid to go through the surgery again and accept their lifestyle. The mild group would feel the mesh pain if they would perform physical activities such as lifting or exercising while if you ask them generally about the mesh pain they would state - "I don't have any". I knew that exercising makes the mesh pain worst after having two meshes in the past. Now I have no pain at all and I feel great! Simply mesh is not flexible as muscle tissue. I think you should do a survey with athletes that had the mesh repair. They have to feel pain with the mesh! Please let me know if you need anything else. I owe you one! Sincerely, Lukasz

Thank you Lukasz


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