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Our insurance based health care industry is a leviathon that is propelled by massive economic and political interests. It is incapable of putting the interests of individual patients first. For patients outside of the system the barriers to getting health care are overwhelming. For patients inside of the system there are barriers that are designed to restrain utilization. Now (with a few exceptions) we have less choice and less access. Patients and doctors are both unhappy.

Ten years ago Dr. Petersen created No Insurance Surgery, Inc. to serve the uninsured who could afford resonably priced medically necessary surgery but who could not afford over priced health care plans. The roll out of the ACA was very rocky but fortunately many of the rough spots have been smoothed out. With the elimination of the pre-existing exclusion practices of insurance companies almost everyone can now buy insurance if they want. No Insurance Surgery continues to provide extra value for patients who cannot buy insurance or cannot afford their deductible or copay. Also Dr. Petersen has established himself as an expert in another area of medicine where there is a great need but few doctors to provide, that is, non-mesh hernia surgery and hernia mesh removal for pain.

We recognize that the first thing patients needs is good information and no wait access.

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Patients from around the world

We are proud to say that our patient come from all across the country and around the world. Below is a map by zip code of where our patients come from. Chances are someone from your home town is one of our patients.

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Patient Testimonials

May 13, 2013 Fresno, CA
Dr. Petersen, Kari, and the girl whose name I didn't find out when I was there,

Thank you's are coming in from all over, so I thought you'd like to know about them:
  1. From the Intestine brothers (Large and Small) for not being rerouted every time I stand, sit, or lie down.
  2. From my left testicle, for not having to share his studio apartment with the Intestine brothers.
  3. rom my girlfriend, who says, "It looks just like it did before the hernia!" (you know how important looks are).
  4. rom me for re-instilling my trust in the medical profession and for trusting me to finish paying my bill when you didn't know me from Adam.
All goes well here, I have some pain, but am monitoring it guardedly. I'm down to 1 Percocet, and 1 Aleve every 12 hrs. and all systems are go (if you know what I mean). So, again, from all of us, to all of you, a big THANK YOU!

Good times to come, JP

May 9th, 2013, Hayden Lake, ID

I was diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases over the last 17 years after mesh was used in a surgical procedure to repair a hernia in 1996. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on doctors and naturopaths to alleviate these symptoms. I finally was diagnosed with paratonitis (sic) and looked to see who could remove the mesh that was in my body. After reading the testimonials from Dr. Petersen’s website, we decided to go ahead with the procedure. After two weeks from surgery my recovery is amazing. Energy levels are very good and I don’t have any discomfort or inflammation in my groin area. I would highly recommend Dr.  Petersen if you are experiencing problems with mesh.




November 21, 2012, Statesville, NC

T o Whom It May Concern,

My name is Carolyn Watkins. I am 65 years old. I am writing this testimony to highly recommend Dr. Kevin C. Petersen, his staff and the Medical District Surgery Center in Las Vegas, NV.

In January, 2010, I had surgery to repair an inguinal hernia. Surgipro mesh was used in the repair. For almost three years, I had suffered with pain, swelling and constant pressure. Although the pain was not daily, not a week went by that I did not have some pain. My surgeon said that this was normal. I saw another physician who advised me going to a different surgeon. (read more...)

May 16, 2011, South Lake Tahoe, CA - After several days of on-line research to find the most cost effective way to have my hernia repaired, I contacted No Insurance Surgery (NIS) for a consultation. It turned out to be a very smart move. Dr. Peterson's education and experience speaks for itself and after a phone consultation with him, I felt assured that he had both the necessary experience and a very enlightened approach to practicing medicine. I'm no newcomer to surgery----this was #23 for me so I have much experience with how doctors and their staff work. (read more...)

May 12, 2011, Oceanside, CA - I did not consider other options before choosing No Insurance Surgery, as they were not accessible due to financial constraints. When I looked online for lower cost alternatives, I discovered NIS and went to the web site and read it cover to cover. The testimonials were what really caught my attention. Also, the method for evaluating my condition and the personal telephone call from the surgeon is unheard of (read more...)

February 15, 2011, Apple Valley, CA - After viewing No Insurance Surgery website, my interest was piqued. Also having seen the YouTube video I began to believe a little more. Reading the many personal testimonials cemented the deal for me. It was all about putting my trust in the right doctor. Dr. Petersen is the real deal. Forget the money, trust is more important. Having said that it was the best money I ever spent. God Bless to the faint hearted. (read more...)


No Insurance Surgery Advantages
  • Your choice right now, not four years from now.
  • No one comes between you and your doctor.
  • Top quality American health care without compromise.
  • Value: You can be assured that you are receiving everything that you paying for and more.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Personal care: Doctor - patient relationship from initial visit to follow-up care.
  • We answer all of your questions.
  • We listen to you.
  • Your worry ends once you realize that you will get the surgery that you require.

The Future

Doctors as well as patients are very concerned about what will happen to American health care in the future. It is our belief that the essence of health care is the doctor-patient relationship. No Insurance Surgery is committed to providing high quality care to patients today without the need for public or private third parties.


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