Good News!

The corona virus pandemic panic is abating and Dr. Petersen is back to work.

Office hours are back to normal 6/15/2020 Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:p.m. We are scheduling surgery. Please make your appointment as soon as possible. We have a back log we are working but still have a few open spots in the next few weeks.

Update 7-10-2020 Las Vegas has been moved back back to Phase I and some surgical centers here have been closed. For the time being my surgical center is still open and operating. If it is closed again there is no telling how long I will be unable to operate. The first time this happened I was shut down for three months. If you need surgery please schedule asap.

All telephone messages will be returned within 24 hours.

We apologize for any inconvenience,

There is a better way - Non-Mesh Hernia Surgery

No Insurance Surgery - Not Big Business Health Care

In surgery you want a surgeon who has no conflicts of interest and is capable of going against the influence of big business to give you better than The Standard of Care.

It is with a great deal of satisfaction that I see that more and more patients are opting out of health insurance delivered health care and more doctors are providing it. I started it in 2007. In most cases you will save money because of high deductibles and copays. You will certainly get better care because your doctor does not have to see 50 patients a day. And often you will get specialty care that is offered no where else.

Your No Insurance Surgery Surgeon only has one interest, the well being of his patients. You will not get this from a surgeon who is basically an employee of an insurance company, a hospital or a medical group. These are not independent doctors. They are not allowed to think for themselves. They have to follow Practice Guidelines and the Standard of Care and what everybody else does which are edicts created by big business and doctors who are heavily influenced by big business. According to the Federal Governments Open Payments Database US doctors are paid $8 billion every year by medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. The dictum that Mesh is the Standard of Care in Hernia Surgery has been heavily influenced by the mesh manufacturing industry.

The map below shows where patients travel from to have surgery by Dr. Petersen. They come from a long ways because there are very few independent surgeons with as much experience in pure tissue repair of hernias. They also come for his pioneering work and care in the treatment of patients with hernia mesh pain.

Map of Patients Zip

The map of patient pins in the office

In the office we have a cork board map that we ask patients to mark where they are from with a pin. This is  a picture of the map as of 11/5/2018. It includes the continental USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Iceland, Israel, Trinidad, Newfoundland, Thailand, Canada, Guam, China, Japan, Porto Rico, Turks and Caicos, Nova Scotia, Australia and Germany. Click the map to enlarge it.

Map of patient pins 

Patient Testimonials


September 21, 2018

Dear Dr. Petersen,
Words cannot accurately express our deep thanks to you and the staff, both at your office and also at the MICOE center.
While I was at first hesitant, (not Chris, please note), about him having surgery out-of-state and without previously knowing you, I could now, personally, be your biggest advocate. I am sure, however, it won’t be long before someone else will come along and feel the same way, taking my place, if they haven’t already. I just haven’t had a chance to express it to you.
I can’t say enough about the excellent care Chris had, both during his pre-op and post-op, with the follow up phone calls from Grace and also from Kari. It is indeed a leap of faith when you are dealing with the unknown but that first day with yourself really made Chris comfortable and set into motion the next day’s surgery with ease.
You were so very kind and answered all of our questions both before and after the surgical procedure and just made us feel good. I can’t truly thank you enough for those moments which helped Chris personally feel better but us both all the more secure in that we had found the right person to help him. Please note, you, Dr. Petersen, made a difference that day in both our lives and we will never forget it.
Please note that your skills and also the program you have set up to assist others, be it self-employed or otherwise who don’t have insurance is exemplary. You are to be commended for your efforts and I wish that many others would understand the approach and perhaps follow suit.
Please note that Kari, from her diligence in keeping in touch with us, handling the paperwork and reviewing all of the details was both kind and helpful. Her understanding of our situation was very much appreciated and was her follow up upon our return home.
Grace and Theresa, at the surgical center, were amazing and if their ears aren’t ringing, they should be as Chris has sung their praises all over the east coast. Their “appreciation” of Chris’ humor and the gentle kindness in which they displayed their professional care and concern for his well being was heart felt and as Chris put it, “bar none”. His admiration of them is extremely high and you are fortunate to have such gifted colleagues to work with.
Finally, just another thank you. Chris has been home now for about two weeks. He is on the mend and “listening” sometimes but understands the best recovery is to follow Dr.’s orders! He is getting rest, sleeping well and his incision is healing nicely. While I have enjoyed being “Nurse Betty”, I am glad he is getting back to normal. Chris is so happy with the results of your efforts and we are grateful for your help.

Wishing you a beautiful day, with warmest regards~
Denise & Chris


June 26, 2018

(Life after mesh removal)

Water skiing after mesh removal

Thank you Dr. Petersen, Kari and surgical team for saving my life. Even though the mesh destroyed my reproductive organs, I am so thankful to be alive. Now life can go forward from here.. love all you guys and hope all is well.

Right on! - Dr.P.


July 14, 2016

Dr. Petersen,

I want to commend you on your staff and how you manage your patients. As an endodontist, I am always acutely aware of “perception being reality” and anxiety surrounding a procedure that the patient is not wanting or has a high level of anxiety over. I experienced this myself with the unknown of what you had to do for me. You staff did a stellar job managing my unwarranted anxiety about having an umbilical hernia surgery. Hats off to you for finding such a great team. I am two weeks out, and cannot even tell I had surgery. The lack of pain pre and post op was actually shocking to me. I took a 600 mg Motrin 24 hours post-surgery, and once each night for the next two nights. The only sensation I had was that I felt like I did too many sit-ups. Amazing that you can open up someone, fix them and have no post op pain. I appreciate your surgical skills and follow up the next day at my hotel. If you have a patient that has anxiety about this procedure, feel free to share my number and I will gladly talk them thru it.

Take care,

Kevin Mullin DDS.


November 6, 2015

Dear Dr. Petersen:

Thank you for all you did for me these last few weeks.

You took on a complicated case and did a masterful job. You had several difficult post-surgical challenges and every time made the right call. Your skill, depth of knowledge and experience is unparalleled. Your bedside manner was immensely comforting to me, especially as l was experiencing a level of stress that I have never before imagined.

I will always be grateful that you took my case and gave me my life back.

I hold you in the highest esteem. May God bless you and prosper you in all that you do.

Mike Patton

After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. To him be the dominion forever and ever. Amen.
1 Peter 5:10-11


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The Future

Doctors as well as patients are very concerned about what will happen to American health care in the future. It is our belief that the essence of health care is the doctor-patient relationship. No Insurance Surgery is committed to providing high quality care to patients today without the need for public or private third parties.