These are memory treasures for me which I am very proud of. This collection is similar to the scrap book which is in our waiting room. Patients have been kind enough to allow us to share this with you. -Dr.P.


When I decided to get my hernia fixed I wanted to go to a Dr. that did not use Mesh. I did a lot of research on the Internet and found Dr. Petersen who was very close to where I lived. After looking at his web site I decided he was the Dr. that I wanted to fix my hernia. I called and made a appointment with the staff to review the procedure with me. The staff was very caring and knowledgeable. After the staff reviewed everything with me I made a appointment to have the surgery. When I first arrived at Dr. Petersen's office I was made to feel very comfortable. Everything went very smoothly and after all the pretest were done, I was given a time for my surgery the next morning. The hand out that Dr. Petersen's office gave me was very detailed and explained everything to me as far as where to do, directions to the Surgery Center etc. Everyone at the Surgery Center were very caring and did a lot towards making me feel comfortable before my surgery. Dr. Petersen met with me right before surgery and went over what to expect etc. Surgery went as expected and I was back in my hotel room within a few hrs. after surgery. The next day I met with Dr. Petersen so he could check my surgery site. The recover went as expected. One needs to follow everything they tell you to do after surgery. I had several follow up calls from Dr. Petersen's staff checking on how I was doing. I am very happy with the surgery and would recommend Dr. Petersen to anyone looking to have hernia surgery. I had insurance and could have went to a Dr. who would have repaired my hernia with mesh, but I feel it was money well spent to have Dr. Petersen do it without mesh. I have no pain after the recovery period and do feel this was the right way to go as far as having the hernia repaired without mesh.

Robert McCorkle


September 29th, 2014 – Colorado Springs, CO.

Dear Dr. Petersen,

I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitude for your kindness and compassion shown to me during my mesh removal surgery April 29th. I am doing wonderfully, I am nearly pain free, have good energy and I am feeling stronger every day.

You are truly a gifted surgeon. I will be forever grateful to you. May God Bless you & your wonderful staff.

Linda B.


September 27, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

My name is Thomas Norton I am 51 years old and in the Sales profession, I am writing this testimonial in support of Dr. Kevin Petersen for anyone who may be considering alternatives when insurance is not available and/or you have strong beliefs about foreign objects in your body, in this case “the mesh”. I came about No Insurance Surgery when I realized through research that without insurance I was looking at a Medical Bill of at least triple of that than No Insurance Surgery’s cost but even a bigger concern was the use of “Mesh” to repair my Left Inguinal Hernia. At the time of my surgery I was 49 years old and had never had major surgery, I am also into a clean and healthy lifestyle so it was important that I find a doctor with those same beliefs. I started my research local to no avail, then expanded to out of state which upon I found Dr. Petersen practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. From my very first phone call Dr. Petersen’s staff was professional and caring, answering all of my questions and one’s I didn’t know to ask. I decided quickly because of how thorough their process, my pre-work before I left for Las Vegas, prep-work when I arrived to his office and then finally my first interaction with Dr. Petersen which was outstanding. Dr. Petersen took his time explained the whole process, confirmed my condition walked me through what was going to happen the following day for surgery. My experience at the surgical facility was amazing, they made me feel comfortable, they were on purpose, cordially and took their time to ensure I was cared for, both Dr. Petersen and the Anesthesiologist met with me prior to surgery to ensure I didn’t have any other questions or concerns. After surgery recovery was no different the same quality care continued, as a patient for the first time in my life the experience was wonderful. In closing I felt the cost was absolutely fair and reasonable, it was money well spent and would recommend Dr. Petersen and No Insurance Surgery to anyone.


Tom Norton
San Antonio, Tx.



March 26, 2014
Reykjavik, Iceland

I am a 53 year old man from Iceland. I write this testimonial to express my gratitude to Kevin Petersen and the staff at NIS. I had a right inguinal hernia last August in Iceland. In September 2013 I had the hernia fixed with patch and plug made by Bard (both patch and plug are made of synthetic mesh). This was a very bad decision.

October and November were a nightmare because of great sciatica pain down the right leg down to the knee. Nobody knew the reason. I was practically immobilized because of pain 24 hours a day. My right testicle turned painful hydrocele just after the operation. My right groin was burning with neuropathic pain for weeks. Pain from the area of operation was growing slowly every month with a big jump in December. I had pain at the base of penis more or less all the time.

Kevin saved me from this misery and pain. I had a patch and plug removal by him at the 30th of January. Kevin did not only have all the answers, he also had all the solutions. Kevin is a very special man. He is not only a Doctor. He is a pioneer, an explorer, a scientist and a courageous warrior with an independent spirit. He is focused and he does what needs to be done. He does what is best for us, his patients. His answers are solid and his methods are solid.

No warrior can stand alone. Kevin has a good team at NIS. These people are completely determined to support him and to support us. We, the patients have our duties also. We have to tell people about mesh complications, the lies of mesh producers and the Doctors using mesh. We can’t save the world, but if our painful experience with mesh can save only a handful of other people from the misery of mesh, we have done our share.

I was so happy after the operation that I cried when I woke up from anaesthesia. The patch had partly detached itself. The plug had completely detached itself, rolled up and was poking the femoral nerve of the right leg. No wonder the sciatica pain for months. My leg could have become paralyzed. The femoral artery is next to the femoral nerve. The plug could have punctured the artery. My operation was almost a matter of life and death. If you have a hernia mesh implant and are having pain and complications, then have a mesh removal as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate. Use your intuition. This could be a matter of life and death. You are not alone; sufferers from mesh are all over the place. Just be focused and determined, make a firm decision and don’t listen to those who do not agree with you. Now, around 8 weeks after the surgery, I am absolutely pain free. Pain and pressure around the base of penis went away immediately after the surgery. I have no pain and not even tenderness in the right testicle, which seems to have healed more or less completely in the past few weeks. Sometimes I have a slight discomfort or tenderness around the incision. This is only very occasionally, goes away quickly and gets better every week. I have to be careful, as I am still in a recovery period. With this progress, I will be, more or less, completely healed in a few weeks from now on. I see this as a miracle as the situation was very bad before the patch and plug removal and, furthermore, this was a large hernia and a complicated surgery.

Anyone who wishes can contact me for more detailed information.


Einar Gunnar Birgisson
Reykjavik, Iceland


Hello, if you have an inguinal hernia, I believe you'll find my story helpful and encouraging. It's been one month since Dr. Peterson operated on my inguinal hernia. My experience with him and his staff was absolutely positive. They all did everything they promised to do. The entire experience, including my recovery, was precisely as they described it would be. First, I'm grateful to Dr. Peterson for making himself easy to find via the internet. If you take time to read the impressive volume and variety of information he's posted on his website, you'll find it extremely informative. That's what initially gave me the confidence to trust him. From my first phone conversation with his staff, I was impressed at how empathic, articulate, knowledgeable, and efficient they all were. And when I found they could schedule me for surgery within a week, I was astonished. Hernia surgery is not painless. But mine involved as little pain as I imagine is possible. I initially took only half the prescribed pain medication. Within 48 hours of surgery, I walked -- slowly, with difficulty, but on my own -- all the way to our car from our room in a huge, Las Vegas hotel. Within two days, I stopped taking the medication entirely. Other than walking out of the hotel (which I acknowledge that Dr. Peterson would have advised against, but I did to encourage myself), I followed all of Dr. Peterson's recommendations precisely. I was able to shuffle around the house the first week, but otherwise I worked in bed. I've lifted nothing of significant size or weight. Each day, I noticed remarkable improvement. My discomfort and mobility returned rapidly. After the first week, I began walking one hour daily. By the end of the second week, I could walk six miles at a gentle pace, on level ground. By the end of the third week, I was feeling 80 to 90% of normal. After four weeks, I'm now certain I can return -- gradually, with caution -- to my work as a hiking guide. My story differs markedly from how friends who've had hernia surgery described their experiences. It comes down to surgical technique. Dr. Peterson is a hernia-surgery specialist. He did not use mesh to repair my hernia. He used surgical skill. My friends had their hernias repaired with mesh. On of my friends had hernia surgery not long ago. He had assumed it was a "garden variety" procedure. He did little research into the possible techniques, and he didn't select a particular surgeon. He submitted to the common procedure using mesh. After a couple days in the hospital, his wife drove him home. He said the drive was "massively painful," and he told me his recovery was "horrific" for a full three months. That's how long it took him to return to something resembling his normal life. Apparently that's not unusual. And the mesh can cause alarming problems. My surgery was actually delayed by an hour because the patient before me was having mesh removed, and it was complicated. Apparently the mesh often irritates nerves, can cause long-term pain, and can come loose, requiring another surgery. There have been legal battles over it. Dr. Peterson's technique is one few surgeons practice because it requires inordinate experience and expertise. He sutured my stomach wall, then the fascia, then the muscle, then the skin. No mesh. I'm happy to wear Gore-Tex, but I don't want to be Gore-Tex. Obviously, I enthusiastically recommend you rely on Dr. Peterson and his staff if you need inguinal-hernia surgery. I also suggest you schedule your surgery with them at the earliest possible date. Don't let the hernia restrict your activity for long. You want to have the surgery while you're at your fittest, so you can begin recovering while you're strong. I wish you good health. And I offer my sincere gratitude to Dr. Peterson and his staff.

-- Craig Copeland
Bolder, UT


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