These are memory treasures for me which I am very proud of. This collection is similar to the scrap book which is in our waiting room. Patients have been kind enough to allow us to share this with you. -Dr.P.


September 17, 2013

Dr. Petersen,

I want to thank you so much for the excellent care you and your staff showed me before and after my surgery. I was so impressed with your professionalism that I have told at least a dozen people about your surgery center, the procedure ,and your web-site. In fact, I just told another lady whose husband has to have “the mesh” removed and the story of your great staff impressed her. I would especially like to also thank Dennis Dey, Kim, and Kari. They helped me so much through the initial application for the surgery process, through to the follow up after surgery… so easy to understand and complete. I also thank you and your staff for the generosity of handing me back money so there would be enough food and fuel to get back home – after our car broke down. That was a very kind act on your part. Thank you. I want to mention how thorough you all are to the very details and thank Dennis Dey for returning my calls so promptly when I had questions about my healing when I returned home. In conclusion, please feel free to post this letter, in fact I hope you do. You have gained a friend and I tell all who are going through these types of surgeries to choose this instead of the mesh.

Thank you for waiting on my payment to return your generous loan. Here is the first installment.

May God Bless each of you.

Janet M.
Colville, WA


Sept. 16, 2013

Dear Dr. Petersen, Dr. Dennis Dey, Kari & Kim,

From the moment I found your advertisement online, a calming came over me. I just knew I was in the right hands the first time I made it in your office. I thank all of you so much for your gifts you all have been given. Continue your good works and I will make sure others who cross my path in need of your services will be informed.

Thank you once again and God Bless!

Gary French
New Port Richey, FL


August 8, 2013

Dear Dr. Petersen and staff…

Thank you so much for your fine services - Dave’s hernia repair went so well - he’s back at work.. “fit as a fiddle” ? Dr. Petersen - you have done a rare and brave thing in pioneering this kind of health care - hats off to you for thinking outside the box and creatively making a bridge.. and a doorway - that used to be a block wall! As Jehovah’s Witnesses, we understand very well the concept of ‘swimming against the steam’. In both cases it is due to seeing the need in people.. and the great value in extending selves for those who will avail themselves. Our position is not one of recruiting.. it is one of showing people the surpassing value of bible knowledge.. and how to apply it in daily living. There are many religions, philosophies, and ideas.. this causes much confusion as people can’t properly evaluate truth.. Jesus gave us a useful tool in Matthew 7:20.. “by their fruits you will recognize them..” and so - we enclose a few tools to help you and Kim + the other young woman who’s name (I’m sorry) I have forgotten. Beautiful kind women both of them. Please share with them. If you have questions, comments, ideas - call the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses - there are many in Las Vegas! Also you can go online to with all its features - questions etc. if you want to learn more, we offer free bible study at a time and/or place convenient for you… or just go to the Kingdom Hall - our meetings are free and open to the public.. be sure to bring a bible because you will use it! ? Thank you all for your very wonderful work and such a kindly, safe atmosphere- we have told many about you already!

Dave + Linda Halverson
El Jabel, CO


August 06, 2013

Dear Dr. Petersen, Dennis, Kari & Kim,

We want to thank you again for your prompt friendly & competent care surrounding my hernia surgery. I never expected to say surgery was a pleasant experience – but that was. I am healing well, and thoroughly enjoying lemonade. We most certainly will recommend you to anyone in need of repair; it is a delight to see free enterprise working so well (in a nearly dysfunctional) medical system. We truly wish Washington could be so convinced.

Thanks again,

Sandra & Larry Rodeck
Jackson, WY


Dr. Petersen and his staff are at the top of the field for quality health care! He is highly skilled both as a diagnostician and as a surgeon, and also has exceptional patient handling. I had two prior hernia surgeries that were nightmares and I had serious ongoing pain, related complications with my intake/elimination and other mid body functions. Before Dr. Petersen, multiple prominent surgeons either declined a 3rd surgery attempt or would only perform surgery with another mesh repair. I am also a doctor and had been forced to reduce my work time and was wearing a custom brace 24 hours a day just to be able to function. I contacted Dr. Petersen through his website and he responded he thought he could help. I saw Dr. Petersen on a Thursday and by mid afternoon of the next Monday I was already feeling better despite a complicated and long surgery that morning. By Tuesday I was mobile and Wednesday flying home with little discomfort. His entire surgery "program" is really excellent. His staff is on top of things and ready to work quickly and effectively. His chosen Surgery center is also among the best I have seen or experienced. He is always available to you 24/7 and his skills are superb. “No Insurance” was actually not good for me, but his cost is more than reasonable and well worth it. I am recovering finally from being surgically mishandled previously and I expect a full recovery. I have already urged several friends to seek consultation from Dr. Petersen and will recommend his care anytime I can. He is the best!

Dr. O (S. Ouda)
Chicago, IL


Dr. Peterson and No Insurance Surgery,

It has been 4 weeks since Dr. Peterson performed my routine inguinal hernia surgery. It is rare indeed anymore to have anything work out as advertised. No Insurance Surgery is the exception. Every aspect of NIS's well-planned process went exactly as expected. There were no surprises, and no additional costs. Once I realized that I had a hernia, I searched for local information in regards to insurance, surgeons, and surgical centers. Cost, procedures, and other details proved difficult to determine, I realized that I would probably have to see several doctors to get enough definitive information to be able to make a decision. NIS stood out in stark contrast. On your site is a wealth of information that helped me determine what I needed to do. I filled out the questionnaire online and receive a call the next day from the office. I was told the total cost of the procedure, and they asked if I'd like to schedule a consolation with Dr. Peterson. We talked for 15 minutes the next day. I was impressed. The next day I scheduled the surgery online for the following week. The staff at NIS and the Surgery Center were very professional. All aspects of the process went very well. I was also impressed with the blood work and the ECG nurses at the other offices in the same building as the NIS office. The Surgical Center staff was great and even put up with my jokes. In the OR I remarked to a nurse doing something to my left arm that her hands were colder than my wife's. Then I remember saying that I hoped the baby wasn't breech and I suspect that the anesthesiologist might have had enough of my humor because that was the last thing I remember. Lights out. As promised I came out of the anesthesia shortly after surgery in just a few minutes with no residual effects. I was able to get dressed and get into a wheelchair with a minimum of difficulty. I experienced no fever, no nausea, and my right leg never gave way on me in the first 24 hours. I only took one prescription pain reliever on the first and second nights to help me sleep. After that Advil was sufficient. I was able to travel back to Phoenix by car the next day without much problem. Dr. Peterson used a waterproof bandage that worked great. In the first week I needed to sit a lot and take it easy. My only concern were bowl movements that put some pressure on the area. I was very careful as to what I was eating, and laxatives helped as well. After about 10 days I was doing quite well. I noticed some minor discomfort on occasion for the next couple of weeks. Now after four weeks there are no longer any reminders of the surgery, except that the area around the incision site is still numb. I have health insurance through Christian Care Medi-share, but it has a $10,000 deductible. The reason I have the insurance is to put a cap on my financial liability if a medical situation emerges, but in order to have low rates I realize that I am responsible to take care of relatively minor health care expenses. My wife and I are as sell-sufficient as possible, and don't rely on traditional systems to take care of our needs. So we quickly grasped the concept behind No Insurance Surgery. Dr. Peterson's out-of-the-box thinking made perfect sense to us. Dr. Peterson was completely professional, had time for us. I very quickly felt completely confident with Dr. Peterson during the first examination. On the back tables of the examining rooms in his office, Dr. Peterson has several dozen jars of meshes that he has removed from patients. A graphic reminder that mesh repair can have issues. I was also reminded that Dr. Peterson's non-mesh hernia repair technique has an extremely low recurrence rate. I have come away with complete respect for Dr. Peterson. I have and will continue to recommend him to others. It seemed to me like I had stepped back 50 years to a time where things were simpler and things worked like they were supposed to. The only issue I have is with Suncoast's charges, but I'm working on that. The location of the accommodations was very convenient.


Gary D. Smith


July 23, 2013


My heartfelt thanks to you, Dr. Petersen and your outstanding staff for this truly amazing experience in the repair of my inguinal hernia. Today, is the one week anniversary after my surgery. My journey to Dr. Petersen began after I developed my inguinal hernia, as a result of a lifetime of heavy weightlifting. I immediately started research on the internet to develop a comprehensive understanding of hernias. I found the internet to be a double-edged sword. The hernia forums were basically horror stories of botched procedures and complications. As I did more research, it emerged that these horror stories basically involved mesh procedures. Then there were the sites that recommended against surgery, promoting watchful waiting. The basic premise being...if the hernia is reducible and asymptomatic...don't risk surgery. Understanding the physiology of a hernia...I quickly realized these were foolish notions. As I continued my research, I became increasingly aware of one name...Dr. Petersen...who was mentioned as an excellent hernia surgeon. He is one of only a few surgeons who don't use mesh for hernia repair. I went to his NOINSURANCESURGERY internet site and immediately wished this would have been my first stop. It would have saved me considerable confusion and anxiety. The information contained within this site is thorough and easily understood. It answered all of my questions and gained my confidence that this, was indeed, the best procedure and surgeon for me. I scheduled an initial appointment with Dr. Petersen on June 27th and drove four hours to meet him at his office in Las Vegas. He is just like his YOU TUBE videos!! I had my list of questions, I'm sure he had answered a hundred times before, and he patiently answered them again for me. I scheduled my surgery for July 16th and returned home. I had some other questions after our meeting which were promptly addressed. June 15th arrived, the day prior to surgery. Had a blood test and EKG and another meeting with Dr. Petersen. I also had anxiety about the surgery....which was later to prove unfounded. The day of reckoning arrived....July 16th. My friend and I drove to the surgery center...which was yet another positive experience. The staff was great!! They got me prepped...Dr Petersen and the anesthesiologist spoke with me...answering my questions. They rolled me into the surgery room...onto the table...the last words I recall saying was...."It's getting a little fuzzy." I was over. After about an hour and some instructions from the nurse...I was on my way back to my hotel room. Just a walk in the park. The next day, I again met with Dr. Petersen and his P.A. Dennis Dey (Great Guy!!). Everything looked good and I was released to go back home. Here is the really good news...other than some expected swelling and tenderness at the surgical complications...AND the anticipated...dreaded pain from hernia surgery was non-existent. I was armed with a vial of Percocet which I didn't need. On a scale of 1-10 for pain...I was a zero. This I attribute to the surgical expertise of Dr. Petersen. This morning P.A. Dennis Dey followed up with me....nice touch. He reminded me for the next 90 days I was under Dr. Petersen's care and If I have any concerns to contact him. Accolades are not enough for you Dr. Petersen and your staff for my experience. You are the man. There is no other surgeon for this procedure. I can easily understand why people fly in from all over the U.S. for your skills.

Thank you so very much,

Joe Wallek


June 2013

Dear Dr. Petersen, Kari, Kim, Jacqueline, and all,

Thank you for gMng me back my life and for saving it. Recovery has gone well • I took it really easy for the first 8 weeks. This felt right for me with my challenged back. But 1' appreciate your confidence in your work at lifting restrictions for me much earlier. Although I am completely back to normal (walking plus swimming), I'm careful because my left side aches a little from time to time and you indicated a real weakness there. r • We traveled home onday 3 aftersurgery. This was the final day to take a pain pill. • I found that I had no pain when I was flat on my back So I mostly laid down the first week After that I really did not have that mush pain., Only soreness. I continued to lie down for 2-4 hours each day for the next 3 weeks. •. Diminishingsoreness continued for 6weeks. As the days go by I am appreciating you more and more. I don't think about you all day long as I did the first few weeks! But every day many, grateful thoughts go your way.

With 'warmest regards,

Dennis W. Rowland


When I first began looking for a physician and facility to have my surgery, done, I was distraught over how expensive this minor surgery would cost without the aid of insurance. The average surgery including your initial consultation, blood tests,EKG, anesthesia, hospital/surgery facility, and post and pre-op visitations was between $13,000 -$16, 000. When 'l first saw "No Insurance Surgery's" advertisement online, I was quite apprehensive. Specifically because it would require travel and Las Vegas which has a reputation that is not really favoring the medical industry. I decided to do my due diligence and check out Dr Peterson on "". I was pleasantly surprised that he was rated very high. After discussing my procedure with him during my initial telephone consultation, I was even more convinced that "No Insurance Surgery" was the way to go. I must tell you that meeting Dr Peterson and his staff in person was a wonderful experience. If you have ever had to stay in a hospital you will understand that although you may be cared for, it is a very impersonal experience. At "No Insurance Surgery, the consultation, the surgical facility, and all of the post and preop treatment handled by wonderful compassionate caregivers and ancillary staff made this experience truly exceptional. I would highly recommend "No Insurance Surgery" to anyone considering this procedure.


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