These are memory treasures for me which I am very proud of. This collection is similar to the scrap book which is in our waiting room. Patients have been kind enough to allow us to share this with you. -Dr.P.


December 21, 2007

Brandy is a 34 year old woman who was suffering with severe chronic abdominal pain as a result of twelve surgeries. Some of these procedures were to repair hernias in which mesh was used. Other surgeries were to attempts to remove the mesh and alleviate the severe pain. At the time she contacted Dr. Petersen, Brandy had not been able to find relief.

"Yes I had twelve surgeries, prior to finding Dr. Petersen, but no one would fix the problem". A surgeon would attempt to solve one problem and then tell me you’ll have to come back."

In one instance she had been seen by a surgeon who was unable to find the cause of the pain because the tests and her medical records, in his words, "showed nothing". According to Brandy, "He (the surgeon) told me if this were true about my intestines, I would probably wind up with a bag on my leg".

I was at my wits end. I could not eat, sleep, or function normally. I was not able to work because I was dizzy and sick all the time.

Then I found Dr. Petersen on his website. His staff set up a phone interview and I finally made contact with someone who would listen to me, and understand the condition and the pain I was experiencing. Dr. Petersen said, "He regularly heard patients who had had hernia repairs using mesh describe this kind of problem." I was so relieved. I felt I had finally found someone who could help me, I understood that I was not alone and I was not crazy.

The No Insurance Surgery staff was most professional. From the time of my first contact everyone was accommodating, considerate and made me feel comfortable.

Dr. Petersen is a friendly, kind person. I could tell at my first meeting that he knew what he was doing and cared about me. I have never had a doctor sit down and talk to me and listen. He made sure all my questions were answered. Dr. Petersen is a true life saver.

The surgical facilities were clean and the staff very friendly. It was obvious that they do these types of surgeries all the time. They made me comfortable and respected my concerns.

After the surgery to remove the mesh, I did experience some pain, but Dr. Petersen was very thorough. He gave me clear instructions, prescribed appropriate medication and told me to call him anytime.

I am healed, and I feel great. The pain is gone. I have my life back.

I would recommend Dr. Petersen to anyone who needs the services of a General Surgeon. I cannot say enough about how positive this experience has been. Thank you Dr. Petersen.

Brandy W.
Corpus Christi, TX


Aug 3, 2007

I chose No Insurance Surgery because I did not have other options….No Insurance Surgery was affordable and it peaked my interest because I am on disability so my finances are limited. (I had previous hernia surgery that cost me over $55,000!)

I suffered with pain and discomfort for over a year and a half…..I was limited as to where I could go, what I could do and even what clothes I could wear…..At No Insurance Surgery I was treated very well by the staff…I was given options to have my free consultation….the friendly, professional staff was courteous and efficient….they got me in and out quickly which is very important to me… first impression of Dr. Petersen was that he was extremely knowledgeable and he gave me great confidence that my hernia problem would be fixed….The surgical facilities were very comfortable, clean and quiet…the surgical and anesthesiology staff made me feel at ease…..they answered all my questions and helped me to relax prior to surgery…my recovery was good…..the staff and Dr. Petersen were right there when I woke up.

I was very pleased with the post surgical care by Dr. Petersen….there was no waiting in his office and he took the time to answer all my questions about recovery and what I could and could not do during my recuperation….The cost was very fair and reasonable … was worth every penny….I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Petersen to anyone who has this kind of problem…. Everything went smoothly from my first phone call to my last follow up appointment.

David O.
Las Vegas, NV


July 6, 2007

I needed hernia surgery quickly and was very frustrated trying to find something I could afford locally; I stumbled upon Dr. Petersen's website and filled out the questionnaire out of curiosity. I was impressed with his clear and encouraging reply the next day, but still suspicious, I checked him out further; BBB, Consumer Affairs, and the Medical Examiners Board - not a single complaint! So I had a phone interview with him, flew into Las Vegas three days later, and was treated with dignity, care, and a most unusual amount of assistance at every step of the way. When he learned I had come without a companion, he had one of his staff drive me to my hotel after the surgery, and he personally called me that evening and the next morning to be sure I was okay - even gave me his cell phone number in case I had any problems. I am now healing nicely and feeling deeply Blessed by the entire experience.

Dan M.
Santa Rosa, CA


May 13, 2007

I chose No Insurance Surgery because I was in pain for many years and scared….then I saw the Billboard offering free consultation… when met Dr. Petersen. I liked his appearance and very professional manner….the price was good…I was offered a choice of times for my consultation… the office staff was helpful and friendly…..the people at the surgical center were very nice…..I think the price was reasonable and affordable… was money well spent and I would 100% recommend Dr. Petersen and No Insurance Surgery to other patients.

Sylvia A.
Las Vegas, NV


February 23, 2007

Before I learned of No Insurance Surgery and Dr. Petersen, I was scheduled to see another doctor who was going to charge me $255 just for a consultation, but would not tell me the price of the surgery…. Knowing I needed the surgery, they still would not give me a hint as to the cost of my gallbladder surgery…..then I saw the No Insurance Surgery billboard and it was a relief to know that I could get my surgery done at a reasonable one time cost….this was my first surgical experience and Dr. Petersen set my mind at rest when I first saw him in his office….he answered all my questions… was scheduled two days later……the surgical facility was very good…..the staff took a personal interest in me…….the cost was reasonable and fair….I have since referred other patients to Dr. Petersen, and I will continue to do so….this was money well spent…..I am feeling so much better.

Anthony T.
Las Vegas, NV


February 16, 2007

Before I found Dr. Petersen, I had been seeking help for over 4 years……because I was uninsured no other surgeon I contacted was willing to help me… I was living each day with disabling pain……That is why I was thrilled when I found the No Insurance Surgery website… the staff was courteous and professional……. Since I live outside Las Vegas, Dr. Petersen, initially consulted with me by phone…..after that call I knew for sure that I was going to get the help I needed…Dr. Petersen impressed me with his knowledge and he took his time to care, listen, and evaluate all that I shared with him…… After my examination in his office, the surgery was promptly scheduled…..everyone at the surgical facility was comforting and professional… they treated me so very well…recovery was very good…. I was absolutely pleased with the post surgical care by Dr. Petersen……this entire experience was the best…..I consider the cost fair and reasonable….this was absolutely money well spent….I would tell the world about this amazing doctor….. I plan to tell everyone that he was able to find the problem and fix it….get me out of pain…and give me my life back.

Kathy M.
Glendale, AZ


February 12, 2012

Living in Canada….I had very few options available to me. The wait for surgery (in Canada) was six months to a year…. I felt very uncomfortable and didn’t want to wait! I was experiencing a lot of discomfort… I enjoy running and working out….prior to surgery I had to limit these activities I choose No Insurance Surgery after researching my options on the Internet…their staff is very professional Dr. Petersen is knowledgeable and experienced. My surgery was scheduled within 24 hours of my examination by Dr. Petersen…..the surgery center was organized and well staffed…. The Anesthesiologist was thorough and explained the procedure…. I saw Dr. Petersen three days after my surgery……I was cleared to go home. Overall I am pleased with the care I have received……the price was a good value for the service and attention I received……I would be happy to refer other patients to Dr. Petersen.

Dennis, K.
Alberta, Canada


January 30, 2007

Dr. Petersen and the No Insurance Surgery team are absolutely wonderful. After visiting the ER for gallbladder pain I had an appointment with the surgeon within days and surgery within a week. I am uninsured and the surgery was affordable and the staff wonderful. I do not know what I would have done without them. I cannot recommend them enough.

Wendy D.
Las Vegas, NV

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