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  • 32 Years Non-Mesh Hernia Repair Experience - Over 7,000 Non Mesh Hernia Repairs

  • 22 Years Hernia Mesh Removal Experience

About Dr. Petersen's Practice

Dr. Petersen has been in private practice since 1986. For the first 25 years of his practice he accepted insurance, did emergency work and did charity surgery amounting to 10% of his work. Over time his work load approached 100 hours per week and became unmanageable. For this reason he made drastic changes to his practice and now works a comfortable 50 hours per week and is never rushed to see the next patient. Now he has all of the work that he wants and has the luxury of spending all of the time a patient needs with each patient. If he was taking insurance this would not be possible. He does understand the hardship that insurance creates and the difficulty that lack of resources creates. But with the choice between retiring and overworking he chose to take the third choice. His patients get the full attention of an expert, not factory care.

Dr. Kevin Petersen is the founder of No Insurance Surgery, Inc. in Las Vegas Nevada.

Dr. Petersen is a board certified general surgeon and member of the American Hernia Society. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Utah, department of Physics, Dr. Petersen earned his medical degree, with high honors, at Tufts University, in Boston. Dr. Petersen received resident surgery training at the U.C.L.A. Medical Center, and completed a fellowship in Organ Transplant at Los Angeles County/USC Hospital. He served as chief resident while completing his surgery training at the Chicago Medical School. He has participated in the training of medical students and surgical residents as an assistant professor of Surgery at the Chicago Medical School, the Chicago School of Osteopathic Medicine, the Nevada School of Medicine and Touro University in Nevada. His career experience is over 15,000 major surgical procedures including 7,000+ non-mesh hernia surgeries, 400 successful hernia mesh removals, and 3,000 cancer operations and 4,000 other operations for treating a variety of life threatening conditions. Dr. Petersen has a particular interest in non-mesh hernia repair and treatment of hernia mesh complications. He recently presented his results of Hernia Mesh Removal for Pain in Milan Italy at the 1st Worlds Conference on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery.

Dr. Petersen has broad experience in surgery

Dr. Petersen was trained in general surgery at a time when general surgeons had very broad surgical training and practice before subspecialities existed. Much of this is now relegated to narow specialties.

No Insurance Surgery is a program developed by Dr. Petersen that has the ability to deliver top quality surgery without the involvement of health insurance companies to patients who are uninsured or who choose not to use their insurance. No Insurance Surgery is built on the premise that surgery only requires a qualified surgeon, a quality surgical facility and appropriate ancillary medical help. A health insurance company in no way helps a surgeon provide surgery and for that matter helps no physician take care of their patients. A doctor's participation with insurance is not a medical credential. It is in no way a reflection of a physician's medical qualifications. It simple means that the doctor has signed a contract with and insurance company agreeing to accept a discount of his fees in exchange for access to patients which the insurance company controls, i.e. "Preferred Network". Many of our finest hospitals and more and more physicians are now choosing not to participate in insurance plans.

Dr. Petersen has been performing surgery for uninsured patients for his entire twenty-eight year career. Recently the number of patients seeking this kind of care has dramatically increased and in response to this Dr. Petersen has formed No Insurance Surgery, Inc.

Health care reform is currently a big topic in the news and Dr. Petersen has been interviewed by print, radio and TV news outlets regarding No Insurance Surgery. See our In the Media web page for more information. Recently Dr. Petersen was recognized by the Review Journal Newspaper as the Most Generous Las Vegan 2012 for medical charity work he is doing.


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