Pandemic, Politics, Mandates and Experimental Vaccines

A Recipe for Great Harm

The covid pandemic has been much more costly to us than it needed to be because it has been exploited by politicians for power and the Media for profit. I do not blame the pharmaceutical industry. It is the politicians who are using them who are mostly to blame.

Last week POTUS admitted that there is no Federal solution to the pandemic. He should have known this 11 months ago. He is shifting blame. He really has not gotten smarter. The vaccine should only be given to high risk people. Not to low risk patients. Today SCOTUS blocked Bidens vaccine mandate for businesses with over 100 employes. Trump was correct to expedite its development. It is wrong to mandate it for low risk patients. It is wrong to dismiss the safe use of off label therapeutics which might benefit patients.

Some day someone will figure out how much this mismanagement has cost us all in money, depression caused by social isolation, suicide, loss of small businesses and loss to children who could not attend school or be social. This responsibility rests with our politicians.

It was great hubris to think we could eradicate a highly infectious respiratory disease from the world. We never have done this and we never will, just like the common cold, just like the flu. Small pox is the only disease known to have been eradicated by vaccine. It was declared eradicated from the world by the WHO in 1980. Dr. Anthony Fauci should have known this! Actually he admitted this today.

I am not taking the vaccine. SCOTUS upheld the health care worker vaccine mandate. I will not take it. I might be forced into retirement or another profession. High risk patients should take the vaccine. It is a shame because there is no-one to replace me for the special work that I do. I have paid a heavy cost for my stance. My recent ex wife will not let me see my youngest two sons because I am not vaccinated. I don't wear a mask except in the operating room. In my office we screen patients for symptoms and fever. We use hand sanitizers. We disinfect surfaces between patients. Patients who are symptomatic should self quarantine. Relying on testing is dangerous. The false negative rate for the rapid test is 20%. A doctor friend of mine tested negative 2 days in a row then tested positive on the third day. But he knew to self isolate at the beginning of symptoms and did not trust the test results.

There has been some concerns raised by some medical scientists that the vaccines have the potential to lead to neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimers. These are slowly progressive diseases that might not appear for a decade or more. See this article in Epoch Times.

I have been in practice 36 years. I have seen a lot of panic over infectious disease. This one takes the cake. My recommendations to my patients are:

  • Go on with and live your life.
  • Take the vaccine if you are high risk.
  • Take a Tumeric supplement if you develop symptoms.
  • Take Zicam if you develop symptoms.
  • Ask your doctor to prescribe hydroxychloroquine also knows as Plaquinal if you develop symptoms.Worldwide use of hydroxychloroquine.
  • Do not count on the vaccine to protect you 100%
  • Remember the vaccine is experimental, it is Released by the FDA for emergency use only. Low risk patients are not in an emergency situation
  • Slow neurodegenerative side effects have not been ruled out. We could see a spike in Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's in ten years among the vaccinated.
  • It is our civic duty to self quarantine at the onset of symptoms.
  • Do count on masks to protect you.
  • Do not go into public if you are sick. You wearing a mask will not protect people around you.
  • The Government has lost the confidence of many of us. You have to think for your self.
  • Do not trust the result of the rapid test. If you have symptoms self quarantine regardless of a negative test.
  • Relax. Be happy.
  • Understand that Fauci's proclamation that the disease can be transmitted by asymptomatic patients is not based on science and is probably a lie. It is fear mongering. It is not true for the common cold and is not true for the flu.
  • Understand that politicians never let a good crisis go to waste. It helps them gain power.

The mammalian immune system evolved to defend against viruses. To identify self and not self. The immunobiology of our immune system has been revealed to us by transplant research. I am trained in transplant surgery. I was privileged to go to a transplant society meeting in Helsinki in 1983. One speaker discussed the evolution of the mammalian immune system. It was an awesome and inspiring lecture. Mammals have been at war with viruses for many millennia. A side benefit of this war is that our immune system learned how to identify self versus not self which give us protection from cancer. Cancer cells are identified as not normal self and are destroyed by our immune system. The current pandemic is no where near the worst that our kind has overcome.

The Bubonic Plague killed 200 million people in Europe. That was one out of 3 people. It was defeated with sanitation and hygiene. The Spanish flu of 1918 killed possibly as many as 100 million people world wide. The covid pandemic has caused 5 million deaths so far world wide. Ischemic heart disease causes 8 million deaths world wide every year.

We must keep all of this in perspective and not destroy ourselves in hysteria or allow politicians to instigate hysteria to gain power. We should call to the carpet our Media for not telling us the truth and for promoting the lies of our politicians. We are winning a very long war but there will be more casualties. This is the arc of our evolution which is now empowered by modern medicine.