Robert Bendavid, M.D.

Best Hernia Repair Technique

There is no such thing as a best hernia repair technique. It is like asking what is the best race car. Out there on the track It is all about the driver and his crew. All of the cars that are used by professional drivers have maximum preformance in terms of power, handling, traction and durability. It is the driver and his crew that wins the race. Put a poor driver in a great race car and then the cars greatness means nothing.

It is the same with hernia surgery. Results are determined by the surgeon. There are many good techniques. There are many great surgeons. They all get the same great results with different but good techniques.

If you think about it there are many similar examples of professionals and their instruments and tools. A Stradavarius does not make a violinist great. The most advanced airplane does not make up for a poor pilot. A great computer programing language does not make a great programmer.

My repair technique is tailored for each individual patient. It is based on the basic principles innovated by Basinni. So is the Shouldice. So is the McVay. I have made my own innovations to these techniques. If you want to give my procedure a name you could call it a Tension Free Petersen modified McVay. You will not find it in the medical literature because I have not published it and because the fine points are not explainable. They can be taught hands on but not described in a meanful way. The sense of touch is essential. Just like the Shouldice repair can not be adequately explained in writting or Video. The Shouldice repair cannot be adequate taught without a year of hands on training. It was callled the Golden Standard of Care but was dismissed because other surgeons could learn quickly and without supervision. My good friend Dr. Robert Bendavid told me this. He was the Surgical Director of the Hospital and is recently deceased. This was a great loss to his family, friends, colleagues, and future hernia afflicted paqtients.

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