Desarda hernia repair technique

I get asked this question a lot. I have met Dr. Desarda. I like him personally. I have deep respect for him and his work. I do not endorse his namesake technique or any technique for that matter. Picking a technique is not a good way to ensure the best results for yourself. Different surgeons get different results with different techniques. The Shouldice technique gets excellent results in the hands of the surgeons at the Shouldice Hospital in Ontario, Canada. There are few surgeons who can reproduce their results using the Shouldice Technique. Do all surgeons get the same results using the Desarda Technique. Probably not. It is likely that Dr. Desarda and Dr. Tomas get excellent results because they are excellent surgeons. But picking the Desarda Technique does not guarantee getting you Dr. Desarda's results.

The technique that I use varies a little bit with each patient. What I do is a non-mesh repair that uses the important principles of the Bassini, the Shouldice and the McVay all of which are closely related. My approach to hernia surgery has served me and my patients well for a long time. Hernia surgery has nuances. If you do a classic repair without addressing these nuances in each patient you are not likely to get good results.

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