Do you take insurance?

No. We do not deal with them either. We are No Insurance Surgery. We have chosen not to be an employee of any insurance company. We did for many years.

On request you will recieve an invoice for the surgical package which you paid for. It will list the details of the services you paid for but will not give individual service prices. They do not exist. We only provide a package. All insurance companies will do every thing that they can to avoid paying for your surgery. They pay for thousands of hernia repairs every and they know very well the total cost and individual services costs. Our price to you is much less than they would routinely pay in total for all services required.

One tactic some patients have used on insurance companies successfully, who complain your surgery was not in network is to say there were no surgeons within their network who were willing to do a mesh free repair.

Please do not ask us to do more than this. We hate to say no. But the answer is no. Unfortunately, chances are that you will not prevail.

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