Give people a break doctor!!

A patient sent me this anonymous message "I did not fill out the survey; I find it very discouraging that you don't take insurance; some of us do have insurance that we pay for and don't have cash or the ability to put on a credit card (w/ a sound mind) Give people a break, Dr.!!!" - This is an open reply: Please don't blame us for your insurance problems. Many more doctors these days are opting out of insurance network participation because insurance companies slash doctor's fees to ridiculous amounts to increase their own profits. Doctors cannot unionize to negotiate on a level playing field. The only option that we have if we do not like it is to individually opt out. Also, please be very careful about attacking any doctor's altruism. You have no idea how much charity work nearly all doctors do. You have no idea what it took for us to get to where we are. Don't ask us to give your insurance company a break.

That being said, I sympathize with your situation.

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