Hernia mesh infection

Hernia mesh infection?

Hernia mesh infection can be very difficult to treat without removing the mesh. The following remarks are based on my experience over 27 years including other prosthetic devices such as dialysis access and central venous access. Certian infections such as pseudomonas, klebsiella, yeast and staph epidermitis are very resistant to antibiotics and require removal of mesh or prosthetic. Composit mesh is impossible to sterilize with antibiotics and requires mesh removal. Mesh that is folded or contracted into a meshoma requires removal. Flat mesh infected with a sensitive organism can sometimes be successfully treated with antibiotics. If six weeks of antibiotics fails or the infection recurs after six weeks the mesh or prosthetic should be removed. Infection of mesh can occur during the first week or as late as twenty years. Late infections require mesh removal and usually are caused by staph epidermitis. Early infections with abcess formation require I&D of the abscess.

PubMed article on risk of hernia mesh infectioh

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