Hernia surgery with no insurance

How do I have hernia surgery with no insurance?

You have hernia surgery with no insurance by finding a center that has lots of experience taking care of uninsured patients. That is what we specialize in. Uninsured patients have particular needs that we understand. First they need a fair price and no bait and switch. Our price quotes are fair and firm. We do not add on additional fees after you arrive at our facility or after the surgery is performed. We charge a package fee that covers all of the medical costs necessary for providing surgery. It is roughly what an insurance would pay in your behalf if it was paying for your surgery. But we take out the insurance bloat and pass the savings on to you. We provide financing when needed. Your experience is inhanced because there is no third party between us and you. We like our patients. We take our time with them and always do our very best for them. We are No Insurance Surgery.

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