Ripped hernia mesh causing pain

How do I know if hernia mesh is ripped?

Your mesh did not rip! Hernia mesh rarely rips. This only happens to large peices of light weight mesh. Groin mesh does not rip. It is incorrect to assume that mesh has ripped because of delayed onset of pain. The cause of mesh pain is a natural foreign body reaction leading to chronic inflammation. 50% of patients of patients who develop mesh pain have delayed onset of their pain even as long as twenty years after the mesh hernia surgery.

When there is delayed onset of hernia mesh pain patients commonly attribute this to a physical stress which they think did something to the mesh. "It ripped" is what they tell me. They can tell me the exact day and monent it happened and the activity that caused it. Then when I operate I never find a ripped mesh or any other disruption of the mesh and its placement.

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