Hernia surgery is an art.
Surgeons Palette

How do you fix hernias?

I get asked this question a lot. I think there is way to much focus on the specifics of the technique so I am going to give a somewhat metaphorical answer here. Those familiar with my website are aware that I do not endorse any specific technique.

I repairs hernias using what are broadly categorized as transversalis fascia based techniques. I know them all. Each one is just another color on my palette. The transversalis fascia is my canvas. My repairs are not technical. I believe they are artistic. Hernia surgery like nature is highly nuanced. Follow only one specific technique and you get paint by numbers.

But of course the most important part of how I repair hernias is that I do not use mesh. There are subtle differences to the anatomy of every patient and every hernia. I take all of this into account when I repair a hernia. This means maximum comfort, the lowest risk of chronic pain and lowest recurrance rate.

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