I am anxious about having surgery. Is that normal?

Yes. Anxiety about any surgery is normal. A very important part of my job is comforting a patient who is facing surgery with anxiety. There are two primary ways I deal with this. Probably the most important is to give the patient good reason to have confidence in my skills and the second is helping the patient understand why they are having surgery. I carefully explain the risks and benefits and give the patient all of the time they need to ask me their questions. I am never in a hurry when I am working

For a long time I worked 100 hours a week and saw 30 patients a day in the office. I was not happy about that so I changed my practice. I stopped taking insurance which allowed me to regain control of my practice. I now work a comfortable 50 hours a week and see 5 patients a day in the office. But I also had to give up emergency surgery and hospital work which I miss but the new satisfaction I have in my practice makes up for it.

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