Do not add hernia mesh

I have pain after hernia repaired with mesh. No bulge but my surgeon wants to reperate to fix hernia again. Is it a good idea?

Be very careful. It might be a horrible idea. I have seen many patients who have had two mesh hernia surgeries with the second operation for no apparent bulge. These patients are by far the most difficult to successfully treat if the end up with severe chronic pain. For example a patient who has chronic pain after laparoscopic hernia surgery. No obvious recurrance of bulge. Doctor does not know what else to do so he says "I think you may have a new hernia, which can happen, I think we should redo the repair with and anterior apporach and mesh on top." This is a mesh sandwich which is nearly impossible to correct without leaving some mesh behind. In general I would say that exploratory surgery for pain after mesh hernia surgery is a very bad idea if the surgeon is not prepared to remove the mesh. This is a WARNING TO ALL MESH PAIN SUFFERERS - DO NOT LET ANYONE PUT MORE MESH IN YOU UNLESS THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

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