Persistent pain after mesh removal

I still have pain one year after mesh removal. Now what?

Yesterday I spoke with an old patient of mine who had mesh removal 2 years ago. He is now pain free but it took 18 months for the pain to go away. He attributes his late recovery to physical therapy he started at 12 months. My opinion is his recovery was mostly a matter of time. I generally do not recommend physical therapy before one year because it will aggravate central pain.

Most mesh removal patients experience relief within three months. Many experience immediate relief. Patients who still have pain after one year should remain hopeful and definitely not undergo any additional procedures.

We are currently developing a website dedicated to investigating and addressing the problem of delayed pain resolution after mesh removal. It will be based on the concept of neural plasticity.

Mesh pain recovery can be a very long tunnel. For most patients there is light at the end.

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