I still have pain six months after mesh removal. Do I have permanent nerve damage?

Nerve injuries are not permanent. Nerves heal. This can take up to two years. The only nerves that do not heal are the ones that suffer chronic re-injury. Your mesh is out so the source of the injury is gone. You will continue to heal slowly over time. Do not take narcotic pain medication if you can avoid it. Narcotics cause chronic pain to persist by reducing your pain tolerance. Over the counter pain meds are okay. Try not to focus mentally on the pain. Mindfulness of pain causes changes in parts of the brain that actually amplifies pain and cause its persistence. This is known as central sensitization and neural plasticity. This also is reversible but takes time. Many patients find light exercise helpful such as bicycle riding and swimming. Remain hopeful. A positive mental attitude is extremely important. Remember your mesh is gone.

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