Price Quote

We do not give a price quote until we have a basic idea of what you need and you have an idea of what you are asking for. Surgery is not an item on the self for you to compare and select.

We do not compete on the basis of price. We compete on the basis of quality. I am not interested in the accumulation of wealth. I accumulate the good will of grateful patients. I am very priveledged. I do not charge more than I need to. I have always done and continue to do a lot of charity surgery. Please do not ask.

We define quality as post op comfort, low recurrance rate, early recovery experience and preoperative transperancy.

The cost of hernia surgery is based on the location of the hernia, It's size, its age, previous surgery, your age, weight, hieght, other surgery, other medical risk factors and wheather or not I like you. If you do not get me leave now.

If you want the cheapest surgery you can find it in ten seconds on google after closing this page.

Be well.

Dr. P.

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