What type of suture material will be used?

Inguinal hernia surgery has four layers of suture. Three layers use absorbable suture including the skin which means you will not need to have sutures removed. The deepest layer, which is the repair of the injury to the transversalis fascia, uses a permanent suture called Ethibond(R).

Ethibond(R) is a polybutylate coated polyester suture. I have used it for 33 years, since my first day of training, and have never had a problem with it. It's important properties are strength, knot holding capacity, good handling properties, reduced tissue drag and minimal tissue reactivity. On ocassion, by patient request, I will use silk for the repair. Silk has the same and superior properties compared to Ethibond(R) but it is also absorbable over a long period of time.

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