Why do surgeons refuse to repair hernias without mesh?

Surgeons refuse to do mesh free hernia surgery because they are not qualified and have no confidence in their ability to do a repair without mesh and get a good result. Only a few surgeons do this surgery. Those of us who do mesh free hernia surgery consider the problem of chronic mesh pain very serious. Severe chronic mesh pain is a frequent, terrible complication of what is supposed to be a routine low risk surgery. So why do the other surgeons not bring themselves up to speed. If they were properly trained and and experienced it is likely that they would get good results. It has been proven over and over again and has been creditably published in the medical literature that mesh free hernia can be successfully preformed by high volume surgeons.

For reasons that I do not agree with mesh has been designated as the Gold Standard in hernia surgery. This tells compliant surgeons that the debate is over and no one should be doing mesh free hernia. Actually, I was charged ten years ago by the State Medical Board of violating the standard of care, not using mesh and there by commiting malpractice. I fought the Board with the Support of the Shouldice Hospital and a few other very accomplished and great hernia surgeons. The Board dropped their complaint against me. My career in mesh free hernia surgery has been a struggle but I am successful. My recurrence rate is low and I see no patients with severe chronic groin pain after mesh free inguinal hernia surgery. I see the tide changing against mesh and my career goal is to contribute to this change.

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