Why does mesh hurt?

Why does mesh hurt.

Oh my dear patient. It is nothing you did. It is not even something that your doctor did. Mesh. Mesh does not belong in you. The authorities have designated it as the standard of care in hernia surgery. So doctors put it in patients in compliance with the standard of care. It hurts because mesh does not belong in your body. It is a foreign material which does not mimmick normal human tissue. Your body responds to it through your immune system and through your nervous system. Mesh triggers chronic inflammation. This is seen in 100% of patients who have mesh.

Chronic inflammation causes pain but not in everybody. This one of the things that makes mesh pain so confusing to doctors. But it is like lung cancer and smoking. Tobacco smoking causes lung cancer but not everybody who smokes gets lung cancer. Not everybody who has mesh gets chronic pain. Mesh proponents and Manufacturers exploit weaknesses in the causality statistics just like tobacco manufactures did.

The reward for taking the risk of getting mesh pain does not make sense. You are not winning the lottery. You are preventing a hernia recurrence. You are not preventing lung cancer or some other serious illness which is just about as untreatable. Besides, a pure tissue preformed by an expert has a recurrence rate equal to mesh repairs.

Think about the risk benefit equation. Only you are the ones who understand the relative merits of the risks and benefits.


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