Acute Cholecystitis

Severe constant pain lasting hours to days!

Acute cholecystitis literally means inflammation of the gallbladder. This causes pain lasting more than 6 hours right under the ribs cage on the right side. This pain may radiate to the back or to the breast bone in the middle of the lower chest. Nausea also is very common.

The gallbladder can become inflamed either because of infection or because of blockage without infection. A stone may block the gallbladder keeping it from emptying its bile. This causes build up of pressure within the gallbladder. This pressure causes a type of pain called colic. If the build up of pressure lasts long enough to cause inflammation or frank infection then this is acute cholecystitis.

Acute cholecystitis usually causes pain severe enough to bring a patient to an emergency room. Insured patients are usually advised to have their gallbladder removed ASAP. Uninsured patients may be given an antibiotic and pain meds and sent home.

If a case of acute cholecystitis does not get better it my lead to gallbladder rupture. This is a severe life threatening condition which always require surgery. It is better to remove a gallbladder before it gets this bad.

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