Consequences of Untreated Gallbladder Disease

Going without proper treatment for a diseased gallbladder is risking your life.

There is no good reason to try to keep a bad gallbladder. First of all if your gallbladder is diseased it is also not functioning. Secondly, pain is not the worst problem that a bad gallbladder can create.

Please read the following links which list a few of the more important serious problems that you are at risk for if your gallbladder is bad. Also please keep in mind that there is no way to rehabilitate a bad gallbladder.

Acute Cholecystitis

The gallbladder can become infected with dangerous bacteria

Gallstone Pancreatitis

Passing gallstones or fragments of gallstones irritating the pancrease can cause this serious condition

Gallbladder Cancer

Chronic irritation of the gallbladder over many years can turn a benign gallbladder into a malignant gallbladder.


Gallstones can become trapped in the bile ducts and cause a complete blockage. When the liver cannot excrete bile it buiilds up in the blood.

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