hernia mesh removal

Explanted hernia mesh

Proposed and tried treatments for hernia mesh explant include: do nothing and wait, pain medication, nerve ablation, nerve depressant medication, steroid injection, acupressure, psychotherapy, antidepressants and more. Medications do not very well because of side effect intolerance and development of tolerance to the medication. Nerve ablation gives temporary relief. Steroid give modest temporary relief.

In Dr. Petersen's experience simple explant without nerve ablation gives the best rate of permanent cure. Nerve ablation is not recommended because it can result in dysesthesia. This is a very uncomfortable sensation which is not really pain but it can be very distressing to patients. 75% of patients enjoy permanent cure. 23% of patients are partially relieved. 2% of patients say that their pain was made worse by the surgery. The surgery is very safe. Dr. Petersen has had no serious complications in 500 cases. We have heard of many surgeons saying that mesh removal in impossible because the risk of a serious complication is high.