Activity restrictions before hernia surgery

If your hernia is symptomatic get it fixed as soon as you can. If your hernia is getting larger get it fixed as soon as you can. If you have to live with your hernia avoid aggravating it.

Strictly speaking no exercise is perfectly safe with a hernia. Swimming and walking are two forms of exercise that seem to trigger less problems. Sex is allowable if it does not aggravate the hernia. Sitting or standing for long periods of time may be tolerated.

Do not preform any exercise for the sole purpose of strengthening your abdominal muscles to benefit your hernia. This does not work.

If your body lets you know that a particular activity aggravates your hernia pay attention and avoid that activity

We advise that you to conduct your normal daily activities as you need to take care of your self and your family. Avoid strenuous activities. And get your hernia fixed as soon as is practical for you.