Dedicated Experience

Non-Mesh Hernia Repair and Treatment of Patients Suffering From Hernia Mesh Pain

"Dr. Petersen's unique experience, over 30 years of dedication to non-mesh hernia repairs and over 20 years of treating patients with hernia mesh pain did not come by accident. When the mesh craze hit the US in 1992 he asked the obvious question, Why. The answer he received did not make sense to him. "If you do not use mesh your hernia recurrence rate will be 30%." Since he knew what his recurrence rate was and it was not anything like that he simply refused to go with the crowd. He had a bad feeling about putting an artificial graft into his patients. Since then he has had an unfortunate vindication, he started seeing patients with debilitating pain caused by mesh placed by other surgeons who had joined the mesh band wagon.

If you are contemplating hernia surgery you need to know the truth about mesh and alternatives. Chronic pain is a devastating complications and is now recognized by many authorities as the biggest problem in hernia surgery. Also a huge problem for patients with mesh pain is that majority of the medical community is still in denial that it is a serious problem. You will find straight answers here and no dogma.

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