Surgeons should have no fear. Use your brain.

A recurrence is not the worst complication of hernia surgery

Severe chronic pain is by far the worst complication of hernia surgery.

This page is meant to be read only by hernia surgeons.

There are very many very good surgeons who kneel to the "Standard of care". You are better than that. A surgeon has a very special brain. You know anatomy, tissue properties, hemostasis principles, precise placement of sutures and you make the right decisions with every variant of usual anatomy.

When you accept a standard of care you become a robot and turn off that portion of your brain that makes you a surgeon. Traditional hernia surgery in the hands of well experienced surgeon is far supperior to Mesh hernia surgery. Why would you accept less? Fear? A recurrance is not a bad complication. Chronic pain is a horrible complication. Forget about mesh. In time you will learn. Dont let the standard of care as defined by industry and collaborators cripple your gift. You are capable of much better. The science is not settled. Mesh free hernia surgery is an art. Its evolution is not complete. But accepting a standard of care will kill it. Learn mesh free hernia surgery. Your recurrence rate will be better than the average mesh hernia surgeon. Then you will be above the standard of care. It is not hard. I promise.