Hernia Mesh Symptoms

Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, Constipation, Achy Joints and More

The following chart lists 26 symptoms that mesh pain patients associated with their mesh in our second annual mesh pain survey. Patients were selected for mesh removal because of pain and therefore the presence of pain is 100% in this survey. The results of mesh removal is also listed.

  Affected Improved After Mesh Removal
Pain 100% 93%
Fatigue 54% 60%
Insomnia 37% 50%
Tender scar 45% 56%
Constipation 31% 55%
Irritable bowel 28% 57%
Difficulty passing urine 24% 58%
Achy joints 26% 54%
Headache 22% 58%
Weight loss 19% 70%
Bulge 16% 82%
Night sweats 15% 88%
Neuropathy 25% 52%
Indigestion 17% 56%
Rash 12% 85%
Autoimmune disorder 15% 56%
Itching 15% 63%
Heart burn 12% 77%
Memory loss 15% 56%
Impotence 12% 54%
Blurry vision 11% 50%
Prostatitis 8% 67%
Sinisitis 5% 80%
Bloody semen 4% 50%
Draing wound 3% 67%
Enlarged lymph nodes * *
Nausea * *
Abnormal menses * *
Foggy head * *
Cystitis * *
Suicidal thoughts * *

* Not surveyed

Mesh causes chronic inflammation which likely is linked to many of these symptoms.

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