Hernia Surgery Cost

We do not publish the cost of hernia surgery. Instead, we give a guaranteed price quote after the doctor has interviewed you. This means that the inclusive price you are quoted does not change after you travel to see us. This is important protection for the patient. We hear of many cases where a patient travels based on a price quote and then the price changes when they arrive at the doctor's office. Your telephone consultation with the doctor is free of charge and usually takes about 15 minutes.

If you are shopping for the best price for hernia surgery we caution you to insist on a guaranteed inclusive price quote before you travel. Unfortunately we have heard of patients traveling based on an advertised price "$2295 Special This Month" only to find out the real price is over $6,000 once they get there.

Non-Routine procedures

Non-routine procedures are those expected to take to take more than an hour to perform due to large size of hernia or other complicating factors. There is an addition charge for these procedures. You will be given a firm quote after the doctor has interviewed you. Most of our hernias are charged at the lower routine price but we welcome complex hernias.

Payment plans

We offer payment plans through an independent outside financing company. Monthly payments for a routine hernia surgery are as low as $89 per month.

You only pay for your surgery

Hospitals are expensive because of "cost shifting". Insurance companies have high overhead. We eliminate cost shifting and insurance overhead and put the cost into a package that includes everything that you need medically to get the surgery that you need.

We eliminate excessive fees

The package price that we quote to everyone is the "discounted price". Our doctors, facilities and laboratories have agreed to provide your surgery at reasonable fees and not a dollar more. The result is that we have the best price.

The average price for surgery is very high

Below is an excerpt from an actual hospital bill for hernia surgery. Of particular note is the operating room charge of $11,570.00 for first 30 minutes in the operating room and pain pills are $35.00 each. The total bill was $27,967.00. Hospitals typically give cash pay patients a 10% discount but they give insurance companies a 90% discount. We get a good discount and pass most of the savings on to you.

Typical hospital bill

Payment Plans


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