Seven reasons not to have mesh hernia surgery
Resist something that will hurt you.

  1. It's bad for you.
  2. Mesh is not needed for most hernia repairs. An experienced non-mesh hernia surgeon can achieve repairs which have recurrence rates of less than 3%.
  3. Mesh industry wields big money, much like the tobacco industry and Big Pharma and have created an addiction to mesh without regard for human life and suffering. It is a small cost to them which they must bare to achieve their big profits. Surgeons are dependent on mesh. Surgeons are in denial. The tobacco industry denies that smoking causes health problems and they have the medical literature to prove it. The mesh industry denies that mesh ruins lives needlessly and they have the medical literature to prove it.
  4. Mesh cause chronic pain in 20% of patients and crippling pain in 5% of patients.
  5. Once mesh is put in your body it is not easy to take out and few surgeons are willing to try.
  6. Mesh has never been safety tested. The FDA does not require safety testing because it was in use before the FDA had the authority to mandate safety testing. Now mesh is grandfathered in and released to market without proper safety testing.
  7. Mesh puts the body’s immune system in a constant state of high alert by triggering chronic inflammation which never abates. We do not yet fully understand the consequences of this. Many mesh patients have problems and symptoms other than pain which they attribute to their hernia mesh.