Shouldice Hospital

I have long said else where on this website that if I myself needed a hernia repair I would go to the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto, Canada. I recently visited Toronto for the meeting of the Canadian Hernia Society where I was invited to present my data on the results of removal of hernia mesh for pain. I spent two full days at Shouldice Hospital observing surgery and speaking with many of the very fine surgeons who work there.

What I most appreciate about the Shouldice hospital is that they have absolutely and undeniable proven that inguinal hernia repairs can be preformed with a pure tissue technique, with a very low recurrence rate and a very low if not non-existent incidence of chronic pain far superior to any mesh repair. Mesh has been accepted as the standard of care all over the world in spite of the serious problem of chronic pain caused by hernia mesh. If pure tissue repairs survive as the art of hernia surgery it will be because of the Shouldice Hospital and the surgeons who work there. Their decades of excellence is unmatched anywhere in the world.

For the great hospitality that I received while I was there I would like to thank Dr. Robert Bendavid, Dr. Byrnes Shouldice, Dr. John Morrison, Dr. Claude Burul, Dr. Michael Alexander, Dr. Keith Slater and everyone else who I met there.