The Hernia Mesh Bandwagon

A number of mesh patients have called us recently and have remarked that we are just another member of the mesh bandwagon like all of the attorneys who are advertising on TV and billboards for mesh injury victims. Dr. Petersen has never joined any bandwagon.

Let us set the record straight. Dr. Petersen has been 100% committed to non-mesh hernia surgery for 31 years, far longer than anyone else. Dr. Petersen has resisted considerable pressure to use mesh for all hernia repairs from the state medical board and peers and even his wife now ex. Dr. Petersen has been treating hernia mesh pain victims for 25 years, much longer than anyone else. When the hernia mesh repair bandwagon started in 1992 Dr. Petersen knew it was a bad bet.

Dr. Petersen is so committed to helping hernia mesh pain patients because nobody else will. Dr. Petersen makes public and publishes nearly all of his mesh knowledge here on this website, in medical journals and by presenting at scientific professional meetings. Dr. Petersen is aware that many other surgeons have used his knowledge to enhance their own practices and to help hernia mesh victims. This is immensely gratifying to Dr. Petersen.

Dr Petersen is not on the mesh bandwagon, but it is likely that he contributed to its inspiration. But above all else, the most important thing to him is the interests and well being of his patients.

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