The Gold Standard of Care in Hernia Surgery

The Gold Standard

You might think, great, the standard of care, that is what I want. This kind of concept makes life's choices easy and guarantees the best possible outcome for everybody. But it does not for everybody.

The Standard of Care is a phrase used by someone who wants to close the debate. They justify it by saying that it is the greatest good for the majority. That may be true. But what about the minority? And who is making this calculation anyways? The authorities? Who are they? Probably respectable people. What are their motives and are their motives influenced by conflicts of interest?

The Standard of Care in Hernia Surgery is mesh. The problem with this standard is that it is heavily influenced by the mesh manufacturing industry. How strong is this influence? Enough! The American Hernia Society could not exist without funding from the mesh manufacturing industry. Are they influnced by industry? Of course.

Marriam Webster has 10 definitions for the word Standard: This one I think applys best to Mesh is the Standard of Care:Something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example. It does not account for the individual. Who is looking out for you? Really only you.

My advice: The standard of care is not the wrong choice for most patients. If you want to feel like you have conducted due diligance and are willing to do the work read more on this web site.

 - Dr.P.