What Patients Know!It's the Mesh!

What has always impressed me about mesh pain patients is how quickly and intuitively they realize that their mesh is the cause of their problems. And they do this in spite of their doctors denial. They do this in spite of institutional denial. When ever a patient with mesh pain or other mesh symptom goes to their doctor they are immediately told that it could not possibly be the mesh. So, many of them just stop complaining. Those who persist in their complaints get imaging studies and then get dismissed when the study comes back normal. It is only the patient who has tremendous persistence and fortitude who gets confirmation of their diagnosis and finds a doctor who can help them. In medical practice we have a name for these patients. They are Survivors.

A doctor who listens to many patients about an unusual problem which very few doctors even begin to understand learns a lot. When I first started taking care of mesh pain patients with more than pain symptoms I was at a loss to say anything about those other symptoms. Now that I have talked with thousands of mesh patients and have removed hundreds of mesh implants I have heard certain symptoms over and over, symptoms such as fatigue, fibromyalgia and autoimmune type symptoms and now especially seeing many of these symptoms get better after mesh removal I am convinced that it is the mesh as all of these patients have been trying to tell me for years.

Now, by the most important factor in making a diagnosis of a mesh related problem is what the patient tells me and to what they attribute their problem. Patients know!