In the Media

Because of the unique nature of Dr. Petersen's practice and No Insurance Surgery we have received a lot of attention from the media. Below are our favorite news stories in no particular order.

Fixin' Daddy; Cutting the insurers out - Las Vegas Sun Newspaper

Dr Kevin Petersen Operating Marshall Alan who writes for the Las Vegas Sun is well known for his health care investigative writing. He is first and foremost a patient advocate and often is critical of hospitals, insurance companies and doctors. When he asked us for an interview I have to admit I was a little nervous. The result was better than I could have asked for and I am honored by his article. He was thorough and accurate and covered the points which are important to me. If you read the story please read the readers comments.

KLAS-TV Channel 8 in Las Vegas

KLAS-TV is the number one television new station serving southern Nevada. Allison McCarthy is their consumer advocate reporter. Ms. McCarthy interviewed Dr. Petersen and several of his patients on a typical busy day at No Insurance Surgery. This was spontaneous and unscripted and because of the professionalism of Ms. McCarthy and her crew the news piece looks very good. Patients have asked us if it was produced as an infomercial. The answer is no.

Alan Stock - KXNT Radio 840 AM - Las Vegas

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Alan stock, named by Talkers Magazine, as one of the 100 most influential talk radio hosts in America every year for the past 11 years, spoke with Dr. Petersen about Medical Bartering.

The Review Journal - Newspaper - Las Vegas

The Review Journal is the largest circulating newspaper in Nevada since 1909. Paul Harasim is their reporter for health and medical topics. Mr. Harasim interviewed Dr. Petersen in his office and then over the course of a week by telephone. His article was published as a front page feature in the Sunday edition of The Review Journal.

KDWN Radio - Las Vegas

The interview is in two parts and is recorded as mp3 files: Part 1 & Part 2

Heidi Harris, Las Vegas's #1 radio talk show host, interviewed Dr. Petersen in her studio at KDWN AM 720. Turns out Heidi and Dr. Petersen went to rival high schools in Las Vegas in the early 70's and she had to give Dr. Petersen a little grief about it. 

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Nevada NewsMakers - Sam Shad Productions

US Senate candidate from Nevada, Sue Lowden, recently recently took a lot of heat from media for a comment she made suggesting that patients barter with their doctors. Dr. Petersen responded talking about the advantages to patients and doctors of keeping insurance companies (and government) out of the doctor - patient relationship.

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