For Out of Town Patients

You can get your hernia fixed as fast as you can get married in Las Vegas.

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Suncoast Hotel & Casino

The Suncoast Hotel and Casino is our number one recommendation for our patients coming from out of town. Our patients tell us every day how much they have enjoyed their stay at the Suncoast. It is conveniently located between our office and surgical center. There are restaurants and entertainment of many types. The rooms are luxurious but sensibly priced. An added benefit is that our patients enjoy an additional 10% off the current prevailing room rates. Just enter the group code ZNOIS17 when you are making your reservations.

Sun Coast Hotel and Casino Reservations

Call 1-866-636-7111 and give the group code ZNOIS18 or visit their website by clicking the SUNCOAST. To use the group code you will need to call the 866 number.



Travel Tips

  • Before you travel for your surgery we make every effort to make sure you are a candidate for surgery. This is not guarantee, however, until you are examined by the doctor.
  • We recommend you bring a traveling companion. The first night after surgery you must be in the company of a companion. If you do not have a companion we can make other arrangements for you but there will be an additional charge.
  • If  your return home is a long flight or car drive we recommend getting up or out and taking a few steps to stretch your legs every 30 minutes.
  • All patients are examined by the doctor at least a day prior to surgery. Blood laboratory testing and an EKG are done for most patients.
  • All patients are examined by the doctor the day after surgery before they are released to go back home.
  • The minimum stay in Las Vegas for surgery is two nights.

Hotels in Las Vegas that we recommend

Closest Hotels
  • The Suncoast (Full service 3 Star) Lowest room rate $49 per night
  • J.W.Marriott Resort (Luxury Four Star) Lowest room rate $168 per night
  • RedRock (Full service, spa, 4 1/2 stars) Lowest room rate $100 per night

Close hotels with Limited service

  • Hampton Inn Las Vegas(Summerlin) Lowest room rate per night $72
  • LaQuinta Inn and Suites Lowest room rate per night $75

Strip Hotels & Casinos

  • Bally's Las Vegas (Full service, 3 stars) Lowest room rate per night$45, ask about 2ยข Tuesday
  • New York New York (Full service, 3 diamond) Lowest room rate per night $48
  • Mandalay Bay (Full service, spa, 4 diamond) Lowest room rate per night $62

Near Strip Hotels & Casinos

Downtown Hotels & Casinos

  • Golden Nugget(Full service Four Star) Lowest room rate per night $39

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