Pre-Operative Instructions

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery.
  • Do not shave yourself.
  • Take your regular medications with a sip of water at their regular time in the morning before surgery.
  • If you take insulin, cut your morning dose in half.
  • Do not take any blood thinner medications such as aspirin, coumadin, Plavix, mega vitamin E suppliments, fish oil, flax seed oil or other omega 3, omega 4, omega 5, omega 6, omega 7 , omega 8, and omega 9 fatty acid suppliments for a few days before surgery. The number of days that you should be off of these medications varies depending on individual circumstances so this must be discussed with your surgeon prior to surgery.
  • If you are having outpatient surgery, arrange a ride home ahead of time. Also make sure that you have someone to be with you at home at least for the first night after surgery. After general anesthesia for the first twenty four hours it is not safe for you to drive or be alone.
  • If you are having inpatient surgery and will be staying in the hospital, pack a bag and leave valuables at home.
  • Register at the surgical facility prior to the day of your surgery.
  • Don't be late. In most cases you will need to report to the surgical facility about an hour before your scheduled surgery. Your surgeon's staff will tell you specifically what time to arrive at the surgical facility.