These are memory treasures for me which I am very proud of. This collection is similar to the scrap book which is in our waiting room. Patients have been kind enough to allow us to share this with you. -Dr.P.


Thank you Lee

Dr Petersen! I will take care of it! If you find any more websites for me to support please send them to me as well. I have a dual citizenship Polish-American and when my parents went to Poland my dad had umbilical hernia repaired without the mesh. The surgeon in Poland stated that they know about the complications of the mesh and non-mesh repair is the way to go. I know six people that had mesh repair and only one has no complications at all. The other five have all some kind of complications that are mild for four and severe for one. I have mentioned the non-mesh repair but they are afraid to go through the surgery again and accept their lifestyle. The mild group would feel the mesh pain if they would perform physical activities such as lifting or exercising while if you ask them generally about the mesh pain they would state - "I don't have any". I knew that exercising makes the mesh pain worst after having two meshes in the past. Now I have no pain at all and I feel great! Simply mesh is not flexible as muscle tissue. I think you should do a survey with athletes that had the mesh repair. They have to feel pain with the mesh! Please let me know if you need anything else. I owe you one! Sincerely, Lukasz

Thank you Lukasz


Patients of Dr. Petersen discuss mesh removal and non-mesh hernia surgery online

Mesh Medical Device News Desk

Topiix.Com Hernia Forum


Hi Dr. P……wanted to express my appreciation for the fantastic hernia repair you performed on me a little over 2 months ago. Having had a previous “mesh” repair done on the other side, I have a basis for comparison. Night and Day, is the way to describe it. At this time, post mesh repair, I was still calling the surgeon about discomfort. All he would say is, “you’re fine”. It’s now some 15 years later and I can still feel the mesh bothering me. Not so with your repair. Today, as I do most weekdays, I rode 10 very steep miles on my mountain bike and have not even a hint of any pain whatsoever.

Feel free to have anyone that wants a testimonial, first hand, contact me.

Thanks again,

Tony Lauria



About seven years ago (I’m writing this in 2015) I over-exerted myself and produced a right inguinal hernia. I quickly learned through the Web that the use of plastic mesh is standard practice in hernia repair, and I also learned of its risks and potential complications. I decided to live with the hernia, thinking that things could change over time.

Last year my left side started bulging, so I decided to check out the state of the art of hernia repair and quickly found Dr. Petersen’s website. I knew immediately that I had found the solution I had been waiting for and got both hernias repaired in Las Vegas last December. I was first impressed by Dr. Petersen’s exceptional integrity, which made him refuse to allow the medical device and insurance industries to impose unsafe methods on his surgical practice. And then I was impressed by his mastery of non-mesh hernia repair (my right hernia was large, and he unflinchingly took care of it). My body is healed, the entire experience of being treated by Dr. Petersen was wonderful and I highly recommend him to anyone needing hernia repair.

For the benefit of anyone who may be considering a solo trip to Las Vegas for surgery, I’ll offer a quick summary of my experience and a few tips. I flew to Las Vegas from Los Angeles by myself, with just one carry-on bag (knowing that I would need to carry my own luggage on my return trip, with restrictions on my post-op lifting capacity). I stayed at Suncoast Hotel and Casino (as suggested on Dr. Petersen’s website) and learned when I got to Vegas that it is located about 15 miles northwest of the strip, near the community of Summerlin. I called Suncoast from the airport and was told that they run a shuttle between the hotel and airport, which I took to the hotel (a good thing, because most of the Las Vegas hotels no longer offer free shuttle services and taxicabs can cost as much as $70 one way).

I arrived at the hotel late on Monday afternoon and decided to walk the 2-1/2 miles to the hospital in Summerlin where Dr. Petersen’s clinic is located (a gorgeous walk, by the way) to confirm the Mapquest directions. On Tuesday morning I walked back to the hospital for my pre-op exam and was introduced to Carlos, who had been assigned to me as a companion (the law requires not being alone during the 24 hours following surgery, so I had made arrangements through Dr. Petersen’s office, prior to the trip, for a companion).

Carlos drove me back to the hotel after my exam and picked me up the next day for surgery by Dr. Petersen at Valley View Surgery Center (located 10 minutes west of the hotel). The Center has excellent staff and I couldn’t be more pleased with how I was received and cared for. Carlos picked me up after surgery, took me back to the hotel and stayed with me in the room all night (sleeping on the large sofa). On Thursday he drove me back to Dr. Petersen’s clinic for my post-op exam and then returned me to the hotel. (I didn’t think of it before the trip, but perhaps I could have arranged for Carlos to pick me up at the hotel on Tuesday morning instead of walking)

I allowed an extra day at the end of the trip to give me some recovery time before returning home, and I’m glad I did. I needed that full day of rest before taking the shuttle back to the airport on Saturday (I spent five nights at Suncoast—which has very reasonable room rates).

Incidentally, I was very willing to pay for Dr. Petersen’s surgery myself but decided to check out the possibility of getting pre-approval for him by my insurance company because hernia repair is a routine surgical procedure normally covered by my insurance. My argument was that I did not want to expose myself to a known risk (the 20% complication risk of mesh repair) or potential complications of surgery by a surgeon lacking extensive non-mesh repair experience. My request was denied at two levels, so I appealed to Maximus, an agency that reviews appeals on behalf of Medicare. My request was denied because the rules say that Medicare Advantage Plans may not make payment directly or indirectly for Medicare covered services furnished to a Medicare beneficiary by a physician or practitioner who has opted out of Medicare (with some emergency exceptions). Dr. Petersen is not a Medicare provider because he has opted out of working with insurance companies to avoid the expensive and very limiting requirements they impose on providers—which allows him to function at an exceptional level of quality and provide services above and beyond those controlled by insurance companies. Non-Medicare patients may have a chance of getting preapproval or reimbursement from their insurance company but Dr. Petersen’s office will provide only a detailed invoice and a copy of the operation report to assist such an effort (versus an insurance bill with insurance billing codes).

John Leland
Los Angeles, California



Hey Doc

Doing well. My life is 100% improved since u fixed me Have occasional pain and discomfort that comes and goes no rhyme or reason more random yet manageable Back to activities like surfing and snowboarding Life is good You r " The Man"

Thank you



An important patient comment.

I must say this is a very good survey for patients to fill out for two reasons especially if you have or had been living with the mesh pain for a long period of time, #1-it reminds us of some of the struggles and obstacles we are dealing with, have overcome, or failed at overcoming and not even realizing (directly or indirectly) that the mesh pain played a big role in our "well being" whether it was physical, mental or financial or all of the above. Some of the social and financial questions really hit home, you may also want to add 'failed or strained relationships if you weren't married' to the questionnaire. And #2-I having a feeling this data over time will help get the word out to other doctors to please listen to there patients regarding the complaints and symptoms and get patients treatment or at least have a treatment option a lot sooner than 14 years in my case and longer other patients. Honestly,some may consider there own option, ending there life not knowing the future.


My experience with hernia mesh surgery lead to additional surgeries including mesh removal. Unfortunately, my surgeon did not explain possible complications of hernia mesh surgery and I could have opted to have open hernia repair rather than laryscopic mesh hernia repair. I suffered unnecessary pain, income, workman compensation, loss of health insurance, employment and quality of life. More than two years I was unable to participate in physical activities such as skiing, hiking , swimming, due to extreme pain. A month later after surgery I went back to my doctor and he prescribed pain narcotics and injected cortisone into my left groin. The pain was not lessened and I developed shingles as a result of the injection.I asked my surgeon if I had nerve entanglement which resulted in a second surgery, dissecting the inguinal nerve. I called Dr. Peterson, had the mesh removed and I am pain free.


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