These are memory treasures for me which I am very proud of. This collection is similar to the scrap book which is in our waiting room. Patients have been kind enough to allow us to share this with you. -Dr.P.


Dr. Petersen and his team at NIS are the greatest! From my initial consult over the phone, through checking in in Las Vegas, surgery day, to getting on the plane for the flight home, there were no surprises for my wife and I. A year later and my bilateral (double) inguinal hernia repairs are holding perfectly and my life has returned to normal. No Insurance Surgery is the outfit I'd recommend to anyone facing the same medical condition. Sincerely Yours, Vincent Vargason 6006 Pierce St. Arvada, CO 80003


All Dr Petersens services were as purported to be and genuinely friendly as well. I really appreciated the efficiency of the process greatly. Lets face it no one wants to drag out a surgery event any longer than need be. Top quality care in a timely manner these days is almost non existent .Dr petersen certainly delivered in all aspects.When a person needs something done they want a practioner who has as many successful outcomes as possible. I believe DR Petersen fits this description perfectly. Kind regards Ezra Haslett




Hello Dr Peterson and Kari

Margaret and I are back home in Juneau AK It is now 6 days since surgery, which was last Tuesday. I really haven't been taking much pain med -- but last night I did not take any. I still feel a slight twinge and reminder that I had surgery -- but things are getting better daily -- literally! I am still being careful -- mindful of the fact that I only have once chance for things to heal well.

Thank You! I appreciate your good service! Tim Stifter


Real-estate manager Oct.31 2014

Many years ago I had an inguinal hernia and considered many treatment options. For years I tried diet and exercise, just living with it, pushing it in when it popped out. It was worrisome and affected every aspect of my life. Finally it was time to take action, I considered surgery and found that the patch method could cause complications and pain while simply sewing up the hernia seamed a true fix. I found Dr. Petersen on line and he would do the surgery though I had no insurance and had a lot of experience. I traveled from Northern California to his office in Las Vegas after a free consultation. He seemed to really care about my well being. I was scared having neverhad any urgerybutthestaffand Dr. Petersen-helped me. The surgical facility was comfortable. When a nurse had a problem with the IV Dr. Petersen corrected it and the surgery went well. After the post operation exam, I was on my way home. I liked that I could text the Doctor a Picture of the wound with questions and he was helpful.

I took a long time to get back to my normal self but now after 2 years I have been doing yoga, chopping wood, gardening, hiking, biking and enjoy full sexual function. I rarely think about the hernia repair. There may be a slight tightness occasionally but that seems understandable and the scar is hardly noticeable. The price was fair and I am so happy that I did it. For me there is no question that the money was well spent and my life greatly improved. I would and have recommended Dr. Petersen to my friends and family.

Thank you Dr. Petersen.

Sincerely, Dale Schuck



For decades I suffered low back and left testicle pain. In 2007 I was diagnosed with a femoral hernia. At that time I had to sell my business unable to do the work. I was a professional big game guide and outfitter.

After having proline mesh put in within a year I was back at the surgeon with more pain than before. It was 2011 when things started to go on a down hill slide for me. I was off and on morphine for years for pain.

2012 I had started losing weight, loss of appetite, and the pain was taking over. I could hardly walk, couldn’t sit, stand , or anything else. I fought with the Dr.’s to see a Dr. with the Montreal Canadians who deals with groin injuries. My major pain was always the inguinal canal. In October of 2012 we got to see Dr. Mulder who told us he was in surgery that morning doing a sports hernia on a player. I was told it would take months to get anything done. I’d have tears in my eyes the pain was so bad.

It was so disappointing they recommended nerve blocks, pain patches and wanted me to fly back and forth to the chronic pain clinic. I told the urologist it was hard in the inguinal canal area and she said I don’t see that! I told her again it was like a lump but like everywhere else I went they wouldn’t listen.

My wife and I headed me after spending thousands of dollars and no results. In December I was worse than ever my skin was a grey color and I could barely hobble to the bathroom and crying myself to sleep every night. I ran out of morphine and had to go in to see my Dr. at the office. The girls in the office didn’t expect to see me again in the new year. I was slowly dying.

It was January when I had seen another surgeon who tried nerve blocks that never helped at all. It was 6 weeks later when he called and said to come and they would try something else. I had now lost 47 pounds and a physiologist came in the room and prescribed meds ( side effects which cause weight gain). I tried taking the meds and almost dyed the third night. I tried to wake up my wife to call the ambulance but, I passed out. A call to the pharmacy in the morning was made, I wasn’t supposed to have those meds. I am severely allergic to them. I was on morphine/contin and morphine every 3 hours. The Dr.’s had all given up on me and there was not one day in the whole previous year that I wished I would just die. I couldn’t take it anymore, every pulse was like a kick in the testicle and severe low back pain 24/7. It was March when I was watching TV when I saw Dr. Kevin Petersen on a special health report on the dangers of surgical mesh. I layed there on the couch for a few hours and thought what have I got to lose. At 4pm that day I sent an email to NIS at 8:05am the next morning I had a REPLY saying that I would receive a phone call in a few hours. It was 10:30am the phone rang and I couldn’t believe it was the office calling that quick! After a 40-45 minute conversation they recommended I get there as soon as possible. I was in shock to say the least. I was so impressed with the staff right from the first call. I went online and chose my preop date and surgery date. It was the day for the preop and we arrived at Dr. Petersen’s office. We were so impressed as soon as we entered we were greeted and asked if there was anything they could do for us while we waited. When Dr. Petersen came in the room I had a sense of relief. He explained everything so well and said yes you need to have the proline mesh removed. Surgery was at the surgical center, the staff right from the front desk to the nurse’s surgical staff, and anesthesiology staff explained everything that would take place. I’ve never been treated so well anywhere!! Following the surgery only a couple hours later Dr. Petersen came and told me the surgery went well. It was only a matter of hours later and my wife could see the difference in my skin color already! The next morning I saw him for the post op and he showed us the mangled mess of scar tissue and mesh that was as hard as a hunk of dried out tree bark! He said Al you are going to feel a lot better now, you body’s been fighting to survive for years!

The surgical center called to make sure I was alright after the surgery and when I got home. I have sent emails since, not wanting to call because I know they are so busy and have received a phone call 15 minutes later! I have had no problem contacting anyone from the off and Dr. Petersen has returned calls right away.

I can tell you Dr. Petersen saved my life and I know I didn’t have much time left!! It has been 5 months now and I still have some pain but it is getting better all the time. I am looking forward to starting rehab soon and it feels so good to be able to walk again. The cost of the surgery was cheaper that what it cost at the Mayo Clinic and I never had a thing done! If I would have only known about NIS years ago!! I would recommend Dr. Petersen and No Insurance Surgery to anyone and you can be sure I tell everyone! You may definitely use the testimonial and all answers and images.

I am looking forward to getting back to all the things I used to do. I actually went out Elk Hunting for the 1st time in years in August with the help of friends! I called a 5x5 bull Elk in and shot it with my bow!!! I didn’t have to do a thing my friends took care of everything and I had tears in my eyes because I was so happy instead of tears from pain! Next year I will be back drag racing and doing everything else I can!

I am sorry this didn’t get done right away but my father in law passed away the day after you called. In February and March we talked about dying. He had cancer and was suffering and I knew I was running out of time. I am so fortunate and thankful to you for a SECOND CHANCE at life.!!!!!!!

Al Fiddler
Carrot River, Saskatchewn

We corrected Al's address.

The day finally came when I had to admit I had a hernia and that I needed to do something about it. I did a lot of research about what type of surgery to get and I talked with several people about their hernia operations. I weighed the pros and cons to mesh surgery and found that the risks for a repeat surgery and the complications associated with mesh surgery were far greater than any amount of money I might save from doing such a procedure. Once I made the decision to have the no mesh surgery it became very difficult to locate a doctor even willing to perform that type of surgery. Basically, I had two choices. Fly to Canada for the surgery or to Nevada. The cost alone negated the possibility of flying to Canada and the wonderful testimonials about No Insurance Surgery sealed my decision.It was the best decision I could have made. From the get go the staff were amazing. They were kind and helpful. They took the time to answer all my questions. Even the staff at the surgery center was wonderful. I've had several surgeries in my life including C-sections, gall bladder removal, ACL repair, etc. and by far this was the best surgery I've had to date. The recovery was almost painless. The staff was so supportive and best of all the cost was minimal. The facilities were clean, efficient, and everyone from the anesthesiologist to the receptionist was knowledgeable and very reassuring. I appreciated that the staff sincerely cared about my progress after surgery as well. Dr. Petersen was personable and professional which I appreciate very much. The post-surgical care was by far the best I have ever received.

I'm so thankful for Dr. Petersen and the wonderful work he is doing. We need more doctors like him in this world. No Insurance Surgery is willing and able to help patients achieve successful no mesh surgeries at a reasonable price without sacrificing their humanity. I highly and unreservedly recommend Dr. Petersen to anyone considering hernia surgery. I give my permission to use this testimony on your website and you can use my image...if I had a decent photo. Thank you again for all the fine work you are doing at No Insurance Surgery.

Sandy Bryan
Port Orchard, WA


The almonds were great. Thank you. - Dr.P.
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